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“American Marxism” – The Threat Inside the Gate

Bob MacGuffie and Antony Stark, authors of The Seventh Crisis

The country is now convulsed by attacks on its history, heritage, heroes, myths, and culture by “Critical Theory” ideologies that originate in the heavily Marxist circles found in Academia, the Progressive Media, and the so-called Entertainment Industry. All Americans who find themselves the target of these attacks need to be aware of their danger.

Mark Levin, a lawyer, media personality, best-selling author, and former Reagan DOJ official has written an important new book on the subject called “American Marxism.”

In writing this book Levin seeks to uncover and explain the deliberately obscurantist themes found in the pseudo-intellectual writings of those who advocate for the uniquely American Marxist agenda.

Critical Theory is a philosophy that openly rejects truth for lies, reason for fantasy, and solid empirical proof for confused story-telling narratives.  It is a dangerous and destructively false philosophy that has brought the world nothing but misery, poverty, and death disguised as Utopia.

There is no need to mischaracterize the threat; Levin breaks down their plan of attack along five fronts: their manipulation of the mob mentality; their vicious anti-Americanism; their exploitation and exacerbation of race and gender to spread social division and discord; their spreading of a religion substitute called “Climate Change” as a replacement for traditional Judeo-Christian values; and the use of Fake News and Social Media propaganda, censorship, subversion and social ostracism (i.e. “cancellation”) against whoever it deems are enemies or who deviate, no matter how slightly, from their ideological line.

The Marxist Left is very adept at manipulating the mob mentality, composed of the “disenchanted, disaffected, dissatisfied, and maladjusted who are unwilling or unable to assume responsibility for their own condition, but instead blame ‘the system’…”  The nihilistic Mob abhors all rules and rejects all traditions; it despises everything that succeeds, that soars above the crowd and that is exceptional (including the United States.)  For the rootless lumpen in the mob, it is the de-construction of society that counts.

Immature, emotionally driven, frustrated, incapable of self-criticism, and feeling threatened by its own inability to compete, it seeks to destroy what it cannot create.  It dons the apparel and insignia of the violent, post-adolescent Anti-fa stormtroopers and clings to any political theory, no matter how demonstrably failed or intrinsically evil, that panders to it.

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Mob members can only experience fulfillment when submerged in the mass, where they dull the pain of their own incompetence by multiplying themselves within the collective.  They proclaim a revolution but produce a dictatorship… which is inevitably seized by those who have been covertly manipulating them.

Levin reminds us that American Marxism’s history precludes any denial of this; instead, it focuses its hatred on the one force capable of resisting and defeating it: American Individual Liberty.

From Herbert Croly to John Dewey to Herbert Marcuse, Marxists have always been surprisingly open about what they want, albeit buried under an intellectual façade of verbose obscurantism.

The cancer Levin calls “Hate-America Inc.” began in Academia, destroying the ability of students to think critically and metastasized into other cultural domains by promoting disunity, rebellion, and false “liberation,” all disguised in the language of Social Justice.

Twenty-first Century American Marxism focuses on cultural/racial divisions rather than the economic/class divisions favored by twentieth-century European Marxism.  The miserable failure of classical Marxism is everywhere too blatantly obvious to ignore or defend.  Instead, its successors now seek revolution by pretending to be a force for “Social Justice” – and manipulate issues regarding culture, race, and gender, which are far more fathomable than Marx’s obscure and outdated 19th Century theories about Class Warfare.

American Marxists tolerate no diversity of opinion, which ends when such opinion inhibits the revolutionary goals of the Left.

It ends on campus, at work, and in religious practice; it ends online, in the media, in all forms of entertainment (especially comedy and satire), and in casual conversation… it ends… or one risks being coercively canceled by an elite that brooks no opposition.

As Marcuse wrote; “Liberating tolerance… would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.”

Such pretzel-logic and arrogant moral certainty is found most blatantly in Critical Race Theory.

According to CRT, racism can only be destroyed by applying “anti-Racism” and this can only be achieved by pursuing policies that are themselves virulently racist against “oppressors” – viz. anyone who is born White.  Never ashamed of the irrationality of their claims, CRT also makes the false and insidiously racist claim that Black school children are too stupid to succeed on their own and must be aided by bureaucrats that are largely White themselves.

The same perverse anti-logic applies when it claims that sex and gender are socially constructed rather than biologically immutable.  Marxists now demand that transvestite men, claiming to be “transgender women,” be considered women themselves, insisting they have access to women’s private facilities as well as compete as women in women’s sports events.

To disguise the sterility of its materialist ideology, it manufactures a pseudo-religion, Gaia Worship, which also turns logic inside-out.  Turning Nature into an object of worship, it justifies such worship as “Science” – and then further claims that this “science” is “settled” thus obviating any science that “denies” it… which, of course, is totally anti-scientific.

The poverty, tyranny, and mass death caused by Marxist societies around the world, from Stalin’s USSR, to Kim’s North Korea to Maduro’s Venezuela existentially threatens American society.

Levin’s warnings regarding American Marxism demonstrate a great peril to the Republic.  For a republic is merely the ruin of a monarchy that has lost faith in itself, just as transnationalism is a republic that has lost its Will to Survive.

We must not give up…Messrs. MacGuffie and Stark are authors of the new book “The Seventh Crisis – Why Millennials Must Re-Establish Ordered Liberty,” which seeks to offer the Millennial and Gen-Z generations a way out of the dangerous crisis they currently face