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It Is Time To Restore Hollywood, NYC Fashion, And Nashville As Conservative Hotbeds

Hollywood, the fashion industries, and Nashville have many conservatives operating within their ranks. This is obvious. In fact, we are entering a period of American politics whereas these communities of elites can no longer uphold a political cause associated with socialist progressivism.

Many younger members of these industries automatically side with progressive causes, blindly donating cash to initiatives led by socialists or with socialist tendencies. But these same socialists are out to ‘stamp-out’ profit making epicenters such as these industries.

For example, what could be less ‘working-class’ than haute couture fashion? What could be less ‘working-class’ than the Hollywood millionaire actor, director, or screenwriter who sells their products in massive commercial franchises across the globe? What could be less ‘working-class’ than the beautiful music, but runaway profitability of country-western music?

It is only a matter of time before the moderate Democrat base passes away, when President Biden, a supposed relative moderate, must cede his political authority to more progressive alliances hell-bent on socialism in the United States. President Biden is already threatening to spend us into oblivion as a ‘modern-monetary-theorist,’ a quack economic idea that holds the ideology that unfettered Government spending has no consequences.

When the next generation of Democrats, not moderates or those who support a semblance of free markets enter power, you better believe that these industries will be crucified and vilified like you have never seen before.

Imagine a world where Hollywood celebrities, such as the Hemsworth brothers, are depicted as villains, not on screen, but in real-life, simply because they have earned a fortune as a movie star. In Stalinist Russia, these types of social celebrities were the first to be ‘purged’ by the State.

Imagine a world where haute couture fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood were seen as against the liberal causes that she likely currently supports, simply because she earns an outsized paycheck as an entrepreneur and smart fashion designer.

Imagine Paris Hilton being ‘guillotined’ for her family’s ownership stake in the worldwide hotelier conglomerate or her own successes as a businesswoman who invests in financial innovations such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and technology startups.

This is what is coming down-the-road from the progressive base, despite AOC’s singular appearance on the covers of haute couture fashion magazines or her promotion of some designer labels. AOC would prefer to bankrupt these industries in favor of worker-owned cap-and-trade schemes that do not create wealth but burn it into an economy-sized bonfire.

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We predict a new ‘turning’ in the American political order, a new coalition of populist conservatism, which ultimately celebrates the contributions of Hollywood, haute couture fashion, and country-western music, just like the good ole’ days. Such a coalition would be unstoppable and would befuddle the liberal corporate media.

The Political Opportunity

Moderate Democrats, especially white-collar democrats, have a belief system and lifestyle that is fundamentally incompatible with the progressive left. The progressive left currently relies on a complex network of virtue-signaling to demand allegiance. These individuals who have one foot in the camp of moderate liberalism and one foot in the camp of progressivism often operate in business communities that require them to respect and value free-market capitalism to pursue their own professional and personal success. The progressive left’s agenda is so far gone when it comes to the economy, their ‘tax-and-spend’ approach would mean the careers and quite possibly personal devastation of those who maintain any allegiance to their ideology.

In one to two decades, we may see a massive political realignment across the country, and this could even result in the fracturing of the democrat party between moderate and progressive. This fracturing could lead to many members of the moderate democrat base voting conservative in multiple consecutive elections to support free market principles, once the ‘tax-and-spend’ approach goes politically and economically bankrupt in DC.

How much more debt can our system afford?

There are few industries that have seeded the cultural reach that Hollywood, Haute Couture, and Nashville have earned on behalf of the American Democrat-Republic. Why are these industries so important in comparison to the Chinese Communist Regime? In China, cultural creativity is not seen as a pursuit of individualism or freedom of expression. It is seen as a tool to advance the Communist Party’s global dominion; creative expression should only be employed on behalf of the State as propaganda.

In the face of a rising, hostile Community regime in China, what better reaffirmation of core free market principles and ideology than our great creative industries? For the Hemsworth clan to go from broke to millionaires in the span of a generation is a testament to the free market. This process spreads power and wealth over a much broader swath of civilization and people than the top down ‘tax-and-spend’ approach, which as we all well know, seeds a corrupt bureaucracy who eventually leverages their political power to obtain personal wealth. This is the very opposite of merit-based success that the Hemsworth family exemplifies, or families such as the Cyrus’.

Moderate democrats will soon choose to support the progressive left who advocate burning down commercial districts, make no mistake a Stalinist tactic, as a new form of ‘bricks-through-windows’ mafia style criminal protection racket. Or moderate Democrats can choose the inspiring, successful, and constructive ideology of free market, merit-based creative expression. The human spirit and will is designed and destined to support constructive ideologies that reaffirm freedom and choice, not oppression and tyranny.

By: William Scholz. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

William E. Scholz is a conservative from Pennsylvania. His first book, published at the height of pandemic bail-outs, argues for a renovation to the world financial orderand is currently available via his publishing company Dignified Publishing. You can follow him on Twitter @wstweetsnews.