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TWISTED: Researchers Grafted Aborted Fetal Scalps onto Rats

Remember when I reported that the FDA bought the body parts of aborted babies? Well, guess what. It gets worse. According to a recent Just the News report, Fauci’s agency, researchers funded by the NIAID grafted aborted fetal scalps onto rodents and spent about $400k in the process. And no, this isn’t just sensationalist reporting; it’s quite real. You can read the twisted, sickening research report here; it was published on

The report abstract says this: “Rodent models used to investigate human-specific pathogens that target the skin are generated by introducing human skin grafts to immunocompromised rodent strains.” It claims that “The co-engraftment of these human skin and immune system components into a single humanized rodent model could provide a platform for studying human skin infections.

Perhaps that’s true. I have no reason to doubt their research and know next to nothing about biology. But what I do know is that the “skin graft” the researchers used did not come from willing participants. No. They came from aborted babies.

That’s right, the NIAID-funded researchers grafted aborted fetal scalps onto rats and then let the human-rat tissue grow so that it could study immune systems. If that’s not sickening, I don’t know what is. Instead of treating the deceased children with decency, scientists scalped them and transplanted their scalps onto rodents. The scalps grew human hair, as you can view in these graphic, disturbing photos.

How brutalized are we as a society where this sort of behavior is acceptable. Those that scalp babies should be hanged for their crimes against humanity, not applauded for their research. How horrified would the jurors at Nuremberg have been if a concentration camp commandant had scalped Jewish babies? Would the colonial deconstructionists not use it against the French or British if those states had scalped babies for “scientific” purposes? Of course they would! And they’d be right to do so! Such actions are horrifying. Yet our government funded them.

Read the report. Look at the photos, if you haven’t eaten recently. This is real and it’s highly disturbing. Researchers funded by our NIAID grafted the scalps of babies onto lab rats. We should all be shocked and appalled.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook



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