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FBI Stats Show that Many of Representative Omar’s Constituents are Terrorists

My Take on Representative Omar’s Constituents Being Terrorists:

This post about Representative Omar’s constituents “violated community standards.” Why? Because it went against the liberal community’s narrative. The “religion of peace” aka Islam is looking to fight and destroy us in whatever way is can. That includes from within. We have to fight to prevent that! Representative Omar’s Constituents can’t be allowed to destroy us, nor can she. Fight back against the tyranny of Islam.

Furthermore, it is incredibly distressing that a district is known for being a terrorist recruitment capital, yet we seem to be doing nothing to fight back against that.

Hundreds of Americans and thousands of Europeans have tried to go to Syria to fight for ISIS. According to FBI statistics, the largest center of that problem in Omar’s district. Here’s what a report on the issue found:

“FBI stats show 45 Somalis left to join the ranks of either the Somalia-based Islamic insurgency al-Shabab, or the Iraq- and Syria-based ISIS combined. And as of 2018, a dozen more had been arrested with the intention of leaving to support ISIS,” stated the report.”

It is great that our security agencies have caught those or figured out the names of many who have gone to fight for the “religion of peace.” But, for every one of Representative Omar’s constituents that they caught, there are almost certainly a few more that slipped by undetected to go wage jihad against the West.

What happens when those ISIS volunteers that we don’t know about come back to America. What if they just strike American instead of ever heading to Syria?

We will be forced to confront those questions soon enough if we don’t do anything about all of the terrorists among Representative Omar’s constituents. Homegrown terrorists are dangerous to both the US and the rest of the world. All of those groups hate the true West and the ideals it stands for, the ideals of legal equality, property rights, and capitalism, as Niall Ferguson wrote about in Civilization: The West and the Rest.

On the right, left, and side of Islam domestic terrorists are a growing problem. We as a nation need to find effective and constitutional ways to confront that problem. Finding ways to root ISIS supporters out of Omar’s district could be a way to start that process. It will be difficult but is vitally necessary.

Perhaps problems such as those caused by Representative Omar’s constituents being terrorists will end now that Trump has ended what Frisk termed “The Great War for Civilization” by ending the era of intervention.

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Sadly, I doubt that will be the case, however. The West has been fighting Islamic terrorists such as Representative Omar’s constituents for over a millennium now.

Ever since the spread of Islam, we’ve been at war. The first phase of that, the war between Islam and the Byzantines, ended with the fall of Constantinople as described in 1453. The second stage, the war with Europe has lasted since around then. And the third stage, America’s war with Islam, has been going on since the Jefferson Administration. We have to win it. Letting a Muslim Congresswoman represent terrorists isn’t the way to win it.

rep omar on terrorism
What Rep. Omar thinks of terrorism

So, obviously, that needs to be corrected. Representative Omar should be recalled; her terrorist sympathies are absolutely disgusting and completely un-American.

But that’s not all that must be done. No, Americans must wake up to the war we face. This isn’t a war to create democracy in the Middle East or protect one ethnic group from another. Rather, this is a war of East versus West, barbarity versus civilization, that has been waged for 1500 years now and has only heated up after 9/11. We need to fight it like we want to win it. Recognizing that Representative Omar’s constituents are terrorists is just the first step on that path to victory.

By: Gen Z Conservative