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Remember Those that Wouldn’t Stand Up for Kyle Rittenhouse. They’re Cowards

Well, fingers crossed, but it looks like Kyle Rittenhouse will be acquitted. After months upon months of vile slander spewed his way by RINOs, Democrats, and leftist media apparatchiks, he’s finally been vindicated in the courts. From what evidence has been presented, it’s pretty clear that Rittenhouse only fired when his life was in danger. He acted heroically, defending himself and the proud traditions of Western Civilization as his ancestors would have.

Of course, many of us knew that from the start. Even with the grainy footage that initially emerged, it was pretty damn obvious that the kid was being savagely attacked by a mob and fired at those that were posing a direct threat to him. Were we in a reasonable, self-confident civilization, he wouldn’t have even been tried.

But, we’re not. We’re living in the husk of a once-great civilization that has now lost most of its spirit in the decadent days of the present. So, thanks to these unimpressive, uninspired times, he had to go to trial and defend himself yet again. Luckily, this time his attackers were even more incompetent than in Kenosha; the prosecution apparently didn’t predict its star witness would declare that he pointed a handgun at Rittenhouse before Rittenhouse fired back, which was conclusive evidence that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense. Oops for them, good for Kyle.

In any case, Kyle’s vindication brings us to something that’s almost important: remembering all those that spat upon him in his hour of need. There are many good conservatives out there that stood up for him but, sadly, there are many that did not. Those that wouldn’t support a brave young man that was forced to defend himself against a gang of vicious rioters are not real conservatives, much less people that should be allowed to take the lead in the culture war.

Of course, most of those that attacked Kyle, both in Kenosha and in the media, are meaningless peons. Their insignificant voices are as small as their “smooth brain” minds. But there’s one fake conservative voice that stands out as worthy of our recriminations: Black Rifle Coffee.

As I wrote in my first post on the RINOs at Black Rifle Coffee, it might want your dollars, but it sure as hell doesn’t like you or Mr. Rittenhouse.

You see, right after Mr. Rittenhouse defended himself in Kenosha, a picture was tweeted out of him in a BRC shirt. After a near-simultaneous chimp out from the leftoids about the Rittenhouse-BRC nexus, its RINO CEO, Evan Hafer, gave a grovelling apology on Twitter, doing his best to disown Kyle and dismiss any connection the internet might draw. All because the young man wore a shirt. It was a shameful display, as you can see here:

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A real conservative would have been proud to see such a brave young man sporting their gear. BRC exclusively markets to conservatives, after all. It’s not like the leftists are buying coffee named after the gun they want to ban…

But that’s not what Hafer did. Rather than stand up for the patriot that was forced to use the very gun the coffee company is named for, he disowned him and tried to sever any connection. He wouldn’t stand up for a defender of the West. Even worse is the fact that he apologized to the mob! No man of honor or dignity would do such a thing. Only a coward without principles.

That’s shameful, and it’s something you need to keep in mind as the trial progresses and Rittenhouse is vindicated. If Hafer (and he’s just the most prominent example, there are many like him) wouldn’t stand up for or support Rittenhouse, why should we support him?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.