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Remember Donald Trump: He Tried to Save Us


He was loved by the Rap community

He was loved by the Hip Hop community

He was loved by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

He was loved by the NYC power structure

What changed?

It was not him. Trump stayed the same.

It was the message they were telling you.

They were so complacent and ready to sell America to the highest bidder, the establishment never saw him coming.

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Think about it. There is a reason why candidate Donald Trump dispatched the Republican establishment candidates with ease. They were part of the permanent government structure, the ‘change the face but don’t change the plan’ permanent leader society, leading us to a totalitarian future.

Their children were not to be part of the underclass, the permanent subjects of the globalist overlords. Oh no, they would be the permanent elite, living in the mansions and on the prime landscapes, far removed from the populations they ruled.

Manicured lawns, sculpted hedges, acreage, all insulating them from the cattle population of humans they raised and inoculated into subservience. Immune from the laws they created, they could go about the lives of the ruling class, with the best food and drink while we, the serving class, were herded into a classless society where everyone is ‘equal’ and the outcomes are predetermined.

Living in crowded high-rise apartments, riding ‘energy efficient’ public transportation to dead-end jobs, and coming home to be indoctrinated by entertainment, selected by us, but limited to sports, game shows, and ‘approved’ movies. And then, there would be ‘news’. News that would be tailored to further indoctrinate and herd the drones, us, into complacency and compliance. Where travel is discouraged (or outright forbidden) in the name of health or good global governance or both. Living, as it were, in a little personal bubble, ‘safe’ from whatever the new pandemic or ‘terrorist cell’ the news frightened us into accepting. ‘Don’t kill Grandma’, or some other catchphrase, that had been market-tested for efficacy, would be beaten into our subconscious. Ultimately every thought would be manipulated to elicit an action to do something, buy a certain product, be on a certain space at a certain time, we could be experimented on to the ruler’s heart’s content, all blithely unaware of our pitiful situation. That’s what the elites had in mind for us.

But there was a fly in this ointment. Riding down the escalator of one of his many hotels, Donald and Mrs. Trump were about to take over the political conversation by announcing his intention to run for President of the United States.

Everyone took the wrong message. Most dismissed this as a joke or a publicity stunt, a way to increase his name recognition and sell more golf course memberships.

Personally, I was sure he was a ringer, chosen to siphon off votes from Republican candidates to assure Hillary Clintons’ victory. Because even though ‘the Uni-party had been in control for, at least 2 decades, it was her turn, her turn to be the ‘King of the World’ to be the globalist head honcho, the Boss of Bosses, the Capo du Tutti, and just think of the crises’ she could exploit to further the Clinton Foundation and increase her globalist power.

But again, there was a fly in the ointment, a stumbling block on the climb to world domination another unseen obstacle caused by overconfidence and a raging hatred of the middle class.

Trump and his campaign worked the political system like an old mule, at once using all the new media tools and new communication avenues to gather and inspire a whole new demographic of potential voters into what would become the ‘Trump coalition’. Asking “what have you got to lose” to the Democrat plantation black vote monolith while bludgeoning the favorite Republican ‘Deep State’ champion Jeb Bush with a globalist sympathizer cudgel. He stripped away block after block of voters who were tired of being forgotten and kicked to the curb, who only wanted the ‘equal opportunity America’ to succeed.

In the head-to-head debates with Clinton, he worked the stage like a young Rocky Marciano vs an old, tired Joe Louis. He was taking jab after jab, landing semi-effective counter punches while waiting for the opening to connect with a devastating response. She was over confidant, buoyed by the backing of all the globalist corporations and the banking establishment, she insulted all the meat and potato Americans she wanted to rule and played only to the coastal elites she counted on to embrace Clinton Foundation Globalism. She and her campaign were sure that her vision for America was so secure that she practically had to spit out “bitter clingers” talking about the Americans who love the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and will use their 2nd Amendment rights to defend it from any foreign enemy. Unfortunately, the enemy they had to protect America from was on the stage right in front of them, a part of the establishment that decades of complacency had let invade. The establishment that would steal their liberty by selling out to the same group of globalist empires we had fought a revolution, 233 years earlier, to escape.

When Trump’s message of ‘Make America Great Again’ was unfurled he rang a bell that cannot be unrung. Whether or not he (we) be successful in our fight against global communism, there is once again a spirit of individual freedom and revolt in The Colonies. A feeling that we are at a point where we have been pushed to the limit of common decency by a force that knows nothing but power and domination. A group that acquires power by devious means and subverts the free will of people under its sway only to bind them to the yoke of its authority.

By: David Gignac