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“Release them All, Immediately” Biden Orders ICE to Release All Illegal Immigrants

Bad News: Biden Orders ICE to “Release them All,” Immediately

Well, I thought the Biden Administration was off to a bad start when it killed thousands of jobs by killing the Keystone XL pipeline. But that was just the start of it. Already, just a few days after he was confirmed to office, Biden has launched a war on enforcing immigration law. He halted border wall construction, is encouraging a massive caravan of violent illegal aliens to march into our nation, has drafted an amnesty plan for illegal immigrants, and, worst of all, Biden ordered ICE to release all illegal immigrants immediately.

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Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, the only Fox News contributor I still listen to or read, received the email that contained that illegal order about illegals. Here is the text of the email:

“As of midnight tonight, stop all removals,” the email reads. “This includes Mexican bus runs, charter flights and commercial removals (until further notice) … all cases are to be considered [no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future].”

The email goes on to say: “Release them all, immediately. No sponsor available is not acceptable any longer.”

release them all

The “no sponsor” part of the email is addressing a previous ICE policy. Typically, if detainees do not have sponsors in the United States, agents can hold an individual in their custody. The memo, though, states that is no longer the case and that even detainees without sponsors must be released. So if ICE is imprisoning a gang of murderers with no sponsors or references, they still have to “release them all.”

That “release them all “email, while shocking, is almost certainly real. In addition to its being sent to Tucker and the official cited in the email claiming that “he is just the messenger,” it aligns with Biden’s actions regarding illegal immigration so far.

For example, soon after being sworn-in, Biden’s announced a 100-day pause on deportations of most people living in the country illegally. As reported by the blog Sip of Tea, “Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary David Pekoske issued a memo calling for a department-wide policy review. As part of that, deportations were ordered to slow to a trickle. For 100 days, starting January 22, 2021, DHS will pause removals for certain noncitizens ordered deported to ensure we have a fair and effective immigration enforcement system focused on protecting national security, border security, and public safety,” according to a release on the DHS website.”

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Controlling the border is crucial for national security and American prosperity. Without a strong southern border, our nation will be flooded by people that have no understanding or cultural attachment to American values, are primarily low-skilled workers, and could bring drugs, crime, or gang affiliations with them.

Illegal immigrants, once in custody, must be deported. That is the law and the responsible course of action. They entered the nation illegally and we know nothing about them; they should be removed from it, not released to wreak havoc.

Unsurprisingly, Biden is not acting in the best interest of Americans. He doesn’t want you to be safe nor is he interested in maintaining American prosperity. He’s just a reed blowing in the wind, bowing to the demands of radical leftists, as the “release them all” memo shows.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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