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Reject Government Schools

The Problem

Any discussion on education reform almost necessarily needs to start with my perception of what is wrong. I have to speak about the platform of US education because that is the country where I went to school and the only reference I have, although I hope in the course of researching this subject I will learn about foreign models too.

In short, I feel American education has drifted almost imperceptibly from the Reading, Writing and Arithmetic model to a model of Read what you are allowed, Write about only approved subjects, and Math is racist and this last one is not hyperbole but is a contention I have heard about elementary school several times from the media.

A quick search for ‘history of school in America’ reveals the first problem. On the first three pages that search revealed, there were exactly no results that weren’t biased; skewed from America is racist to America is really, really racist with a lot of emphasis on dead natives.

I wrote a piece that basically says that unless you were Adam and Eve, or the first caveman, that (slavery) is how everyone got to be here. There was slavery long before Christopher Columbus, Jamestown, or any other date associated with America and revisionist history is a dishonest and dishonorable undertaking.

It is no wonder that the admittedly (even by the author) claptrap of the 1619 Project received wide praise and scholarship in academia. And is taught as fact to children in all grades. The more I research the more I am convinced that what I proposed when I first started to post my opinions was correct: the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated our educational system and poisoned the well of academia as it concerns Western principles and America.

Every day, more and more evidence emerges that a lab leak, intentional or not, was the cause of the Cov2 pandemic that the world still struggles with. Some of our most revered and highly paid doctors, scientists, and public officials have done yeoman work in covering this up, including Dr. Fauci who it turns out may be responsible, along with the CCP, for the entire Covid disaster. If you will take a look around, the next time you are outside, especially in a shopping center parking lot or civic venue, you will see we have taken on their model of a surveillance state, how long we are subject to social credit scores and restrictions if we are caught not being good citizens or refusing a mandate?

The Chinese model is influential everywhere they have Confucius Institute outposts in the most influential American Universities and it is hard to imagine this isn’t also the case in Europe, although let’s face it most of Europe would relish an authoritarian state. EU cramdowns and economic Fabianism are accepted, it seems, routinely except by a breakaway sect in Britain, whose citizens now have Leninist like Covid restrictions to contend with alongside EU pressure to rejoin Leviathan.

All this to say that reforming the American education system into what once was the envy of every nation on the planet is nearly out of the question. Public school teachers brag about indoctrinating students with gender fluidity and critical race theory. To say this is concerning is the definition of understatement. You have to come to terms with at what level our nation had been infiltrated with communist doctrine and indoctrination to have fallen so far in four years of the Dems pulling out all stops to negate the political impact of Trump and to punish us for not coronating Hillary.

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The ensuing nine months of watching Slow Joe stumble around trying to speak coherently while giving away our sovereignty along with tons of warfighting hardware and a billion-dollar Air Force base on the Chinese border has been maddening but the globalists are on a timeline and are trying to catch up to the destruction Hillary would have caused if she had been elected.

It is sad to think anyone in the world would be against the principles that America stands for and wish her destruction in favor of global oligarchy, especially someone to whom this country and her desire for freedom have given so much.

     The Solution

I titled this section the solution; that isn’t to say that I feel it is the only solution or a solution that can be implemented before the darkness of authoritarianism descends for a thousand years. But in the context of what I have been thinking, the solution to the Communist takeover of the educational institutions in this country, I believe the solution, if we want to preserve democracy and our republican form of government is to start a parallel K-12 educational order separated from the formal system in the government schools. All of the brick-and-mortar, tax-payer funded, infrastructure is the weak link in their system.

Homeschooling or alternate schooling is more manageable, more flexible, and more responsive to your family needs.  We are charged a nominal fee as property owners, consumers, and or wage slaves to support the education system, whether we send children to school or not. If the cash flow stops the system collapses.

The Federal government provides about 8% of school revenue with different states using their own arcane version of alchemy to decide what to charge taxpayers to indoctrinate and misinform the children. If you don’t believe that there are old women in pointed hats determining dollar allocations look up ‘how are my school taxes set?’ Ohio and Texas seem to have the most information online I assume Virginia is keeping it a secret, but for this discussion I want to explore ways to keep from giving money to schools that don’t support my educational values and transfer that money to a brick and mortar or online learning center of my choice.

In Virginia, which is rated moderate, it involves a letter of intent to withdraw your child, an approved homeschooling option (such as you being a teacher) and periodic testing. They don’t say anything about tax relief but school supplies are tax-deductible so my thinking is that I can also deduct the cost of online K-12. Hopefully, Hillsdale College will have online K-12 classes

More on that as I learn.

In any case, we must stand up to the corrupt, CCP-infiltrated government schools. Be brave and be strong, patriots!

By: David Gignac