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Reject Government Schools!

By: David Gignac

I start with this article from James Bacon, who publishes a newsletter based in VA that takes on issues about education, a lot of his time is spent writing about tax minutiae and Parliamentary infighting, but this article clearly outlines the macro problems faced by the un-woke among the parents of school children around the country.

The public school system in America is not a friend to the memory of the Founding vision of the country, your child’s independence or their classical liberal education. I have to take a broad-brush approach to this subject as not every teacher, school or school district is the same. The obvious and growing trend in the schools is to emphasize racism and hatred for America through the lens of racism. The child is taught from an early that Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner

By James A. Bacon:

Virginia public schools are facing a crisis in legitimacy. Never in recent history have parents been so up in arms. This morning I published three columns submitted by readers, all on the subject of the dismaying disconnect between educators and parents in K-12 schools. I did not solicit them. Readers sent them in. The educational melt-down is not just on my mind, it’s on their minds.

The column by Arthur Purves below sums it up well. It’s one thing to soak taxpayers to support public schools. It’s another thing to tax them for inadequate student achievement. It’s another thing yet again to increase taxes on middle- class families to indoctrinate children with antithetical values.

Not all school districts are equally contemptuous of middle-class values. Schools in Northern Virginia and Virginia’s other major metros are the worst. But they are cheered on by a state educational apparatus in Richmond that seems intent upon using schools to implement a social revolution that portrays “whiteness” as a form of oppression and promotes offensive sexual values.

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Matt Walsh, of the Daily Wire, went to a Loudon county school board meeting to denounce ‘woke schooling’ of our children, specifically CRT and transgender promotion in JR Highschool and even grammar school. In his video clip of the encounter, in which he was only allowed 60 seconds to present his case, he was able to call the school board to account for issues of teaching sexually explicit material to grade-schoolers and more.

Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia, stated that the parents of children in school shouldn’t have input on what is being taught. I assume he was going to say that the school board and teachers’ unions, “education professionals,” should control what children are taught that, they are the professionals but I would counter that it is the kind of thinking that got us here in the first place. That’s why teachers can overrule parents when it comes to sex-changing children and why they go to extraordinary lengths to hide what is being taught.

If that isn’t the signboard on the trailhead of all the paths that lead to the dystopian futures predicted by Aldous Huxley, Ayn Rand, and George Orwell.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” —Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

All these examples and many, many more bring into stark contrast the difference between what Leviathan thinks is a good a proper education for children and what parents do. The public schools, school boards, teachers unions, and a large portion of teachers think that indoctrinating students to accept the teachings inherent in an Americanized version of the Communist Manifesto is good and proper education for the sons and daughters of Americans

At the end of the last episode in which I touched upon the infiltration of Maoism and the Confucius Institute in American schools and universities, I bemoaned not having a robust enough alternative in non-government education options and that the tax-payer schools were basically the only option. I was incorrect.

Come to find out there is already a vigorous k-12 online education infrastructure, not like the Biden $3.5 T (trillion) infrastructure package which is just a leftist wish list of boondoggle programs that are designed to give Democrats political power forever, online education is a viable alternative to the indoctrination centers that the U.S. Government offers (at least I haven’t found any drag queen story hour or Ibram X Kendi books yet).

Catholic schools have always had a robust brick-and-mortar alternative to the Leftist Big Government Indoctrination Centers that public schools have become.

[99% of Catholic school students graduate from high school on time, and 86% of Catholic school graduates attend college. (McDonald & Schultz, 2016) • A black or Latino child is 42% more likely to graduate from high school and 2.5 times more likely to graduate from college if he or she attends a Catholic school…]

They also have a claim to much greater participation in and graduation from college, and I feel confident in claiming there aren’t many ‘Gender Studies’ majors among them.

Also, there are many other secular and Christian schools that are a viable alternative to the government schools. Most of the websites I’ve visited from these schools mention their affiliation to a higher power, or as Jackson Browne put it “a greater awakening”, but I will go say that the ones that don’t, are possibly alternate school offerings from the US Government school system, not necessarily bad but deserved of scrutiny.

From my research, I also believe, although I haven’t tested the theory yet, that whatever extra cost is involved can be mitigated through tax structure. You can write off school supplies, and it seems logical that if you comply with the rules for removing your child from the system (which so far don’t seem too onerous) you could write-off the program too.

In any case, reject government schools!