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Reflections on the Revolution in America of 2020

Professor Sheldon’s Reflections on the Revolution in America

When the conservative philosopher Edmund Burke wrote REFLECTIONS ON THE FRENCH REVOLUTION he described, with horror, the total destruction of the ancient regime in France, and the replacement of this elegant civilized (if imperfect) Medieval Country with a barbaric, mad, chaotic Reign of Terror.

If the Democrats prevail in this election, America will suffer a similar fate: Obamaism on steroids: floods of illegal immigrants; Drug Cartel money and destruction; human slave trafficking; return to Globalist Control with China, EU, and Iran. Total censorship by Big Tech, politicized and weaponized federal agencies and education. Use of medicinal lockdowns to control the population. Persecution of the Church, abortion, infanticide, euthanasia of the sick and elderly. Every perversion known to humanity: trans, pedophilia, sadism. 

The end of America as ever known, as the French Revolution was of old France. 

Of course, this is a “worse case scenario.” Personally, I think the voter fraud that would bring this disaster will be exposed and corrected. Trumpism with four more years will practically drain the entire Swamp, American values and practice (Faith, Family, Country, Work, Prosperity) will largely return, by the Grace of God. 

But, even if the Biden/Harris regime assumes power, realities may blunt its effort. 

First, things have changed in the four years of Trump. GEN Z conservatives reflect this. At least half the country inspired to real American truths by four years of sanity and success. 

Speaking of sanity, the Looney Left will soon start fighting amongst themselves: who can out virtue-signal the others, demanding total reverence from everyone.

The French Jacobians turned on each other during their brief 18-month Reign of Terror, finally replaced by more moderate revolutionaries (and then Napolean). Then a back-and-forth of Republic, Limited Monarchy, Mixed Regime, etc, etc . . . . And today, if you visit France, the traditional culture of Louis XVI still largely remains: leisure, sociability, culinary delights, art, civilization.  

For as Burke most revealed, a nation’s culture cannot be totally destroyed in decades, or even centuries: it changes VERY slowly. 

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I’m fond of recalling my visit to a small Russian village shortly after the Fall of Soviet Communism. An old peasant woman “Babushka” served us potatoes from her garden with fresh creamy butter (delicious) and I noticed on the hearth an Orthodox Church icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus. Eighty years of official Communist Atheism had not destroyed traditional Russian religion. And four years of Biden/Harris will not destroy America. 

By: Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon