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All Americans Must Rediscover America

Make your own list of people and places to visit and rediscover America. Rediscover America.

It’s not about spending money. It’s about making time and spending time with the important people in your life.

It’s about not supporting the people who tear down America and vilify the police.

It’s about holding those accountable that burn down our cities and turn our streets into killing fields. That includes politicians and the media that justify these mobs that color code everything in hate. 

It’s about confronting and stopping those who are transforming  our schools into institutions of hate.

It is time to stop the stupid.

Here’s A First Pass At My List.

It is time to kick Hollywood and a bucket of $10.00 popcorn to the curb. And that includes Disney, Coke, and Delta Airlines. The only Oscars I will watch is the one staring on Sesame Street. And as Oscar reminds us, There will be more trash tomorrow.

It is time for us to help million dollar social justice athletes pack their bags and move to China, the homeland they love.

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It is time we focus on Mom, Dad and the Kids.

Pack the trunk and head to a near by lake, or ocean beach or one of America’s National Parks for a date with Mother Nature. It is time to have a picnic with America. Take a walk in the woods. Climb a mountain. Go fly-fishing. And Remember: Who we are. Why we are here. Where we ought to be headed.

This Fall, take a trip to where sugar maple trees live. And along the way, stop in for a visit with America. Get off the Interstate. Enjoy the fellowship and food that can be found in small-town America. When you get to the place where sugar maple trees thrive, claim a tree. When the time is right, capture the sap and brand your own pancake syrup. 

This Fall travel to Johnny Apple Seed Country, pick a bushel or two or three of apples and make your own apple cider before Jack Frost arrives. Keep a few aside for apple pies and homemade apple sauce. I love cinnamon. The more the better.

But wait, before Spring pushes you into Summer and Fall arrives, plant a garden. With the kids at your side, can some of your harvest. Then get out your favorite recipes for a Jolly Green Giant Celebration. Invite family and friends. It’s time for community. It’s time for contact. It’s time for us!


Head down to your neighborhood Big Box store. Collect a trunk load of boxes. Call your army to arms, construct King Arthur’s Castle. Crown King Arthur and Queen Gwinavier and hold Court with the Knights of the Round Table.

Build something. Awhile back, my neighbors designed and built a hydroplane boat.  Launch party and all.

We have decided on something more modest.  A birdhouse. Next stop, shopping for birdseed. Once completed, we will keep a notebook detailing all the birds that stop by for a visit. Then it will be time to have our artists draw their favorite visitors. The Children’s Art Gallery is in the planning stages.

Make time to visit a nursing home. Vaccine first. Sign-up to be a pen pal for a resident. Share some refrigerator art with some of the residents.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Dignity is every person’s birthright. We all bare the stamp the signature of our Creator. I have learned much by following my daughter into the Austin Street Homeless Shelter in Dallas,  A man alone is in bad company.

Take a road trip back into history. Visit Gettsyburg. The Rock’in Roll Hall of Fame. Mount Rushmore. Your State Capitol. America is fertile from sea to shinning sea with great moments and breathtaking wonders.

There is a lot to do all across America and you don’t have to stand in line and buy a ticket to do it. Do something. Do anything but don’t buy a ticket that supports those that don’t stand up for America.

Character in the long run, is the decisive factor that ensures success in the life of an individual and the life of a Nation. Mr. Rogers, 101.

By: John Tammaro. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook