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Red Flag Laws and Thought Crimes

My Take on Red Flag Laws and Thought Crimes:

Yesterday I wrote about why I think that red flag laws are unconstitutional and unwise. However, upon further reflection I decided that I needed to say one more thing about them (for now). I fear, as do many other conservatives, that red flag laws and thought crimes will go hand in hand if red flag laws are enacted.

There are, sometimes, legitimate reasons to restrict someone’s access to firearms. But those reasons should be backed by due process and the Constitution, not emotion and random accusations of supposed wrongdoing. Red flag laws, as I mentioned in my “Red Flag Laws are Unconstitutional and Unwise” post, give too much power to the accuser.

Right now people seem convinced that red flag laws won’t be abused and only truly dangerous people will have their firearm rights taken away. I disagree wholeheartedly.

The Potential for Abuse of Red Flag Laws:

Who’s to say when someone is truly dangerous? If the only arbitrator of that is the government or a closed judiciary process, I think it is likely that the red flag process will be abused. That will lead to a situation where red flag laws and thought crimes are mixed together as the new laws are used to punish dissenting voices.

Perhaps leftists will accuse their neighbors of being far-right extremists for not supporting things like abortion or open borders, as the above meme suggests. Maybe activists will accuse their political opponents of some vast, illegal, right wing conspiracy just to make their lives miserable. Or, in an apolitical scenario, couples with a broken relationship could use the red flag laws to exact revenge on a former partner.

I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist. I truly hope I am wrong and these laws won’t be abused. But, I fear they will be. Just look at the weaponization of Title IX; it is now used to stifle political dissent with far-left agendas and limit free speech on college campuses. And remember a few years ago when the IRS was targeting conservative groups?

Those are problems that have happened recently. Their are far more examples of states using seemingly just laws to stifle political dissent. Just look at any of the totalitarian states from the 20th Century or modern day.

Many of the laws they implemented at first seemed if not benign, then at least not horribly repressive. It was only later that they were used to stifle political dissent. I fear that red flag laws would be used in the same way.

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Laws always have the potential to be abused by their enforcers or informants. Red flag laws and thought crimes are a volatile mix and I worry about how that will end. If the red flag laws are passed, that probably won’t end well.

George Orwell’s 1984 seems more realistic every day, especially because of the left’s Orwellian attempts to rewrite our language in their favor. Red flag laws would make it seem even more real because they would give activists and their sympathizers in the government yet another way to punish thought crimes. Joe Biden is calling for yet more gun control. We need to stand up to those calls and fight against his tyrannical policy objectives.

By: Gen Z Conservative