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A Rebuttal to Matt Walsh’s Afghanistan Position

On Monday 8/16, Daily Wire commenter Matt Walsh argued that getting out of Afghanistan was good and necessary, a position that every conservative should embrace. Unfortunately, this gives the impression that what the government of Joe Biden did, cutting and running in the middle of the night, leaving our allies and supplies to the Taliban, was the correct way to accomplish this.

“Team Biden’s” decision, made in the name of not keeping 3500 troops in-country at a cost of 1 combat death in 18 months, was ill-conceived in the planning stage and botched operationally. Even his woke generals advised against it. While no conservative wants the role of nation-builder, in this case, place-holding while a better withdrawal (hopefully one that left the Afghan gov’t some international support), could be implemented was a better option.

Afghanistan is, along with rhetorically being ‘the graveyard of empires,’ a major crossroads of everything sinister in that part of the world where a minor US presence was stabilizing strategically and imperative tactically, as shown by the collapse of the government, from the head of state to lowliest foot soldier, within weeks of our abandonment. I won’t go into the position this left our supporters in this country in, but it was not pretty and bound to get worse. What Biden won’t tell you is we had an agreement with the Afghan government to provide air and logistical support to their military, around which, their entire strategy was based.

Biden, true to form and using a tried and true trope of the Democrats, blamed former President Trump, ostensibly for the initial drawdown and policy that had supported a nascent government that was a deterrent to Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and every other warlord in the region. Our support of the Afghan government was also a guarantee to Pakistan and India, not to mention Taiwan, that the US would be a trusted ally. I haven’t checked the mainstream news, but my guess is that they are trying every tactic they know (blame Trump) for this latest Biden debacle.

I commend Mr. Walsh for standing up for conservative principles, which he does expertly 99% of the time, but in this case we had a policy that upheld our ally and thwarted our enemies at a minimal cost. After 20 years of playing in the graveyard of empires, saying that we should leave because we didn’t want the foreign involvement is disingenuous and frankly cowardly.

And in conclusion, while I suspect Mr. Walsh’s opinion was forwarded at the behest of the Daily Wire editor in chief to get a difference in reporting tenor, I, with a heavy heart, on this occasion and for all of the reasons stated above I hereby cancel Matt Walsh.

For anyone who doesn’t watch or listen to the Matt Walsh show on the Daily Wire, the Daily Cancellation is his signature bit and may be copywritten for all I know… Tuff, let him sue me because I suspect his lawyer may be an alien.

By: David Gignac


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