January 20, 2021

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reasons to own a firearm

The 3 Terrific Reasons to Own a Firearm


Yesterday a friend asked me, “Are there any justifiable reasons to own a firearm?” At first, I was angry. I didn’t need to answer that question, the 2nd Amendment ensures my right to own firearms. But then I took the lessons of How to Win Friends and Influence People, calmed down, and decided to explain. I came up with not one, but three reasons to own a firearm that I think are pretty good.

After that discussion, not only did he agree with me, but he wanted me to take him to pick up a Ruger Ar-15 like the one pictured above. I’ll have to convince him to switch to Colt or Sig Sauer at some point, but it’s progress nonetheless!

The Three Reasons to Own a Firearm:

I could think of three primary ways to justify firearm ownership. Yes, the 2nd Amendment guarantees it but stating that repeatedly isn’t going to win anyone over. It feels good to just say “Shall not Be Infringed,” or “It’s Not a Bill of Needs,” like two recent memes I posted, but that isn’t effective. What is effective in developing a reasonable and intelligent argument. I think I did so. Here are my three main reasons to own a firearm:

  1. They’re great for hunting. Without a reasonable amount of hunting, animals like deer and coyote get over populated and wreak havoc on communities. Firearms allow people to hunt effectively, thus limiting potentially harmful animal populations. Also, hunting creates bonds between generations and gets younger people outside. We as a nation desperately need to be more active, hunting helps with that.
  2. Self defense. A firearm is the ultimate equalizer (if you’re well trained). It doesn’t matter if it’s a large man and a small woman, if the woman has a gun she can defend herself. Guns are important for that reason. They help people defend themselves, thus limiting reliance on the police. Police officers are expensive for communities and increase the risk of tyranny. Additionally, they can be slow to respond. If you are in a situation where you need to defend yourself, it’s much better to have a pistol on you then to be waiting for the police to arrive. Self-defense is the best defense.
  3. Preventing tyranny. Ask the Viet Cong or Taliban if they can stand up to the US despite only having small arms. Or the Minutemen versus the Redcoats. Yes, they all suffered incredible casualties, but they also inflicted a cost on the armies they were fighting. That cost is why tyranny won’t take hold. But it can only be inflicted if citizens own suitable guns. That is why our right to own .50 Caliber Barrett Sniper rifles, scary looking Ar 15s, machine guns, and suppressors is so important. Those are the weapons that truly allow us to stand up to tyranny. Without them we aren’t suitable armed. We have to push to hold what right we have when it comes to firearm ownership and the ridiculous gun classifications, and also fight to regain our right to own machine guns. We need those weapons to prevent tyranny.


Sometimes it’s not worth it to argue with a gun control advocate. Once they get emotional, it is a complete waste of time. You won’t win them over and you and they will just be angry. But sometimes they can be won over. Many of they are reasonable people at heart that just don’t understand the reasons for firearm ownership.

But they can be convinced. You just have to remain non-emotional and fully explain your position. I certainly struggle with that, which is why I read How to Win Friends and Influence People. You should too, it will help you win the gun control debate.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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