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Real Americans Support Trump

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My Take

Once, in high school, I had the opportunity to attend a Trump rally. Although nowhere near as impactful as the recent 2nd Amendment rally in Virginia, it was still exciting and confirmed a preexisting notion that I had about Trump and his supporters. That notion is that real Americans support Trump.

You see it every day in the media. Elitists and technocrats bemoan the Trump presidency, somehow furious at him despite his success as president. Instead of focusing on the wildly successful Trump tax cuts or the fact that he has a backbone, unlike Obama, they instead ridicule him for his lack of traditional decorum and insist that his impeachment will end in removal.

As y’all probably know, they’re completely and totally out of touch. That’s because real Americans support Trump. They don’t care about impeachment and find his street-fighter attitude to be refreshing. He speaks honestly, unlike most swamp-dwelling DC politicians. Furthermore, even if they disagree with a few of his policies, such as a prohibition on some E-cigs (which aren’t particularly dangerous), they don’t miss the forest for the trees and turn against him.

D.C. needs a wake-up call. For too long, we’ve let our representatives act like rulers and forget that they work for us. We need to remind them of that and show them that we are citizens, not subjects. The aforementioned 2nd Amendment rally was a good start to that, as was electing President Trump.

But more remains to be done. The D.C. establishment, such as the terrifyingly corrupt FBI, needs to see that real Americans support Trump, view every day of his Presidency as Christmas, and will ensure that he beats corrupt Joe Biden or communist Bernie Sanders in 2020. His presidency has been a success. America knows that. Democrats don’t.

By: Gen Z Conservative