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Reagan Biographer: Here’s the One Person Trump Needs to Win in 2024

Trump has been dropping hints all over the place that he’s planning on running again in 2024.

Whether it’s his claims in rallies that the GOP will retake the White House in 2024, his claim on the golf tee that he’d be the 45th and 47th president, or his sniping at those that appear to be in his way on his route back to Pennsylvania Avenue, it’s obvious that Trump has the presidency on his brain.

However, the big question is whether he can actually pull it off and clinch a massive victory after losing a race. Of the presidents who have tried to do so, only one has done it, so the odds aren’t necessarily for him.

But, odds aren’t everything; many thought he’d lose the 2016 race, after all, and the pollsters always significantly undercount his support.

And, even if they were, there are things he could do to increase them, namely appointing the right people.

That’s because while Trump is great, it takes a specific type of person to work with him well, a specific type of person that can handle the stress of constant media attacks, stay on the former president’s side despite the massive lengths the left and elites will go to stop him, and avoid infuriating him with a less than complimentary remark.

Further, beyond people that will turn to diamonds under pressure rather than cracking and running away, Trump needs people who actually understand the Byzantine-court-like snakepit our political process has become. He needs merciless knife fighters that can also work the levers of power.

Well, Craig Shirly, the noted Reagan biographer, has some advice for President Trump on who to pick, advice he put in a recent Townhall column.

In that column, he first gave some context and tied his advice to his life’s work, Reagan, saying:

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At a critical point in the 1980 campaign, Ronald Reagan had enough and cleaned house of his senior political advisors including campaign manager John Sears. One staffer would later recall, “Ronald Reagan would not have come so close in 1976 had he not hired John Sears; and Ronald Reagan would not have won the GOP nomination had he not fired John Sears in 1980.”

As it does on so many occasions, history repeats itself. Like Reagan before him, Donald Trump now must clean house if he hopes to make a serious political comeback.

Trump’s 2016 win was mostly of his own doing. Being the outsider candidate that he was, he accordingly attracted crowds and was afforded endless free airtime by a media that treated him as a novelty[…]

His loss in 2020 was mostly the doing of bad consultants and advisors.

Then, in addition to telling Trump to avoid hucksters like Guiliani and Powell, he threw out the man he thinks will increase Trump’s chances the most, the man he needs to have close by to win in 2024. Who is that? Newt Gingrich. Here’s what Shirly said:

If I were to give my advice, I would begin by telling Trump to keep former House Speaker Newt Gingrich close at hand as he lays the groundwork for a possible rerun…Newt is perhaps the smartest person in American politics today. He is polished, articulate, knowledgeable of laws and legislation, and can provide Trump (and by extension the entire GOP) with the ideas they’ll need to gain control of Washington if they win the House, Senate, and White House back in the coming years.

Surprising advice, perhaps, but probably good advice. Newt knows Washington. He can work with the populist GOP and the Conservative, Inc. pansies. He’s a proud conservative that won’t back down that also knows how to work the levers of power and move things in the right direction.

Who else do you think Trump needs on his team? Comment below to less us know!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

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