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Hypocrite Alert: Watch this Anti-Trump Actor Freaks Out after Leftist Policies Affect Him Personally

Isn’t it just hilarious to watch liberals have to confront the radical, utterly disastrous policies that they’ve pushed on the country? Sure, it’s sad and far from ideal that their preferred policies were enacted and allowed to wreck the country in the first place, but boy is it sweet and savory when they finally have to confront the disastrous nature of their policies.

That’s doubly true with out-of-touch Hollywood stars. Yes, it’s absolutely fun to watch some college-age Karen lose it when she has to pay taxes for the first time to fund those social programs (i.e. handouts to bums) that she’s been ranting and raving about for years, but it’s even better to see the truly insane elites have to deal with the horrors they’ve inflicted on the common man.

Unfortunately, such sweet, sweet cosmic karma is somewhat rare, as those out-of-touch elites often live in walled-off compounds, have private security, send their kids to private school, and live in the few remaining zip codes where crime isn’t rampant. That means we must remain vigilant, eyes and ears tuned to any sign of karma slapping down some radical leftist.

We got one when anti-Trump lunatic Michael Rapaport, an actor famous for his frothing at the mouth, anti-Trump rants, was in an NYC Rite Aid and personally witnessed the out-of-control crime that’s been tearing through the city like a twister in Kansas. Predictably, he lost it. Turns out, defunding the police and soft-on-crime policies aren’t so fun once the hoodie-wearing thug is holding up the pharmacy in your neighborhood. Here’s what Wayne Dupree reports happened:

He flipped on his camera, and we get to hear his shock and horror as he watches a young man, literally walk through the store, loading up two HUGE BAGS filled with “stuff” and just saunter out, without paying, like no big deal.

Michael can’t believe what he’s seeing – he can’t believe this is happening… even after he and all his liberal buddies have been glorifying criminals thanks to BLM, trashing cops, and equating “civil rights” with hoodlums.

Even better than a description is a video. Though words are great, sometimes they just aren’t enough to convey the full feelings of the event. Plus, revenge (at least the sort that comes from watching libs affected by their own policies) is so much sweeter when viewed rather than read about. Luckily, the Libs of TikTok shared the video so we can watch it and laugh at the leftist dealing with the result of his own policies:

Why’s he so confused? Did he really think the leftist lies about “community services” replacing policing were anything other than complete and total BS? If so, I have a bridge to sell him nearby; he just has to walk over to Brooklyn (avoiding muggers, of course) to take possession of it. Perhaps afterward I can introduce him to a gentleman from Nigeria in dire need of some help recovering the kingdom he’s inheriting.

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The result of soft on crime policies is more crime. Rapaport shouldn’t be shocked, yet he is; that’s how detached the crazy leftists are from the radical policies they promote.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.