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Rand Paul on Trusting the Government

The Quote by Rand Paul on Trusting the Government:

“Our Founders never intended for Americans to trust their government. Our entire Constitution was predicated on the notion that government was a necessary evil to be restrained and minimized as much as possible.” -Rand Paul on Trusting the Government

My Take:

There are many policy areas in which I disagree with Rand Paul. Especially on defense spending. However, I also agree with him on many issues. One of those is that the government should be as limited as possible. And I think that this quote by Rand Paul on trusting the government shows exactly why all Americans should listen to him; he knows what he’s talking about and ties his beliefs to the beliefs of the Founding Fathers and their ideology, which is one that we must defend.

Like Rand says, the Founders intended for us to have a deep-seated distrust of government. Even a cursory glance at The Federalist Papers or Anti-Federalist Papers would show you that. Sure, there are areas in which government is necessary. National defense and infrastructure are two of the main ones, as Adam Smith pointed out in The Wealth of Nations.

However, that is still a necessary evil rather than a necessary good because the government is incredibly incompetent and always wants to seize more and more power over citizens.

The government might have a role to fill in certain areas, but we need to keep a close watch on its activities to ensure that it remains limited to those specific areas. Otherwise, we will end up with a tyrannical nanny-state, such as the one we have experienced during the Covid pandemic, that severely curtails our individual liberties through legislation like unconstitutional red flag laws and redistributes wealth through taxes and welfare programs. Those are roles that the Founders did not intend for the government to have and tried to ensure that it wouldn’t have, which is a crucial takeaway from this great quote by Rand Paul on trusting the government.

It is only recently that Americans seem to have given up on the Founders’ idea of a limited government, an idea that is clearly evident in The History of the United States during the Administrations of Thomas Jefferson and The Age of Federalism. Other than Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Fathers were against a large and intrusive government and most Americans at the time agreed with that view. And, up until very recently, most Americans shared that vision, which is the one show in this quote by Rand Paul on trusting the government. We used to know that trusting the government is an idiotic idea that would only lead to trouble and tyranny.

Now, however, Americans embrace Big Government. In The Affluent Society, John Kenneth Galbraith created a template for huge government involvement in the economy. JFK, Johnson, and their “dream team” pushed for big government involvement in society, as I described in my review of The Best and Brightest. And now Republicans and Democrats alike push for unconstitutional red flag laws and domestic surveillance of Americans.

America has lost its way. For some reason, we trust the government. We shouldn’t; doing so will only lead to Big Government and tyranny.

We conservatives must be evangelicals that preach the lesson contained in this quote by Rand Paul on trusting the government. Tell your fellow citizens why they can’t trust government officials and must instead be like the Founding Fathers and try to minimize it’s role in daily life.

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By: Gen Z Conservative

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