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Rand Paul on Natural Rights: Your Rights Come from God, not Government

The Quote by Rand Paul on Natural Rights:

“Your rights come naturally from your creator. The Constitution certified them, wrote them down but the Constitution didn’t create them. You have a right to be left alone that precedes all government. You have a right to your property and you have a right to the fruits of your labor that precedes all government.” -Rand Paul on Natural Rights

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My Take:

I love this quote by Rand Paul on natural rights. Like I said in my analysis of his quote on trusting the government, I’m not a huge Rand Paul fan. I think he makes some excellent points, but he isn’t very practical when it comes to implementing them.

However, I do think that this quote by Rand Paul on natural rights is excellent and one that every American should keep in the back of their head for when they fear that the government is no longer respecting their rights.

Our rights aren’t some vague, occasionally important idea that the government grants us. Instead, they are a definite concept granted by God. When he created us, he endowed us with the rights of life, liberty, property, and, if understood properly, the right to happiness. Happiness in that context means the ability to go out and pursue your dreams to build something and seek fulfillment.

For that reason, gun rights are human rights. So are free speech rights, even on college campuses. So is your right to go build something without government interference, and then pass it on to your family without worrying about a death tax. Americans have all of those rights because they were granted by God; we should not have to worry about them being stripped away by some incompetent and/or overzealous, power-hungry bureaucrat with an anti-freedom agenda.

Again, God gave us those rights, not government and that is the point of this quote by Rand Paul on natural rights. The Founding Fathers enshrined them in the Constitution because both Federalists and Anti-Federalists believed in their importance.

Just as you shouldn’t surrender your weapons to the government, you shouldn’t willingly give up your rights. Take this quote by Rand Paul on natural rights to heart. Know what your God-given rights are and strive to protect them from all the tyrants that try to take them away. Doing so will ensure the survival of liberty, and as Reagan said, America is the last bastion of liberty. There’s nowhere else. We have to make sure our rights stay enshrined, recognized, and protected.

We have seen what will happen if we forget the content of this quote by Rand Paul on natural rights. The horrible socialist leaders from around the globe are a testament to that fact. Just read The Gulag Archipelago or The Case Against Socialism. If you do, you will see how hellish life is when the government does not respect the rights of its citizens.

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Murder, starvation, and a host of other horrible ailments plague societies when governments forget that they are supposed to protect the rights of their citizens. That is a historical fact and it would be not different in America than anywhere else.

With that in mind, we must strive to protect our rights whatever the cost of doing so might be. Freedom has nowhere to retreat to. If it is to be preserved, it must be preserved here.

That means, of course, that more conservatives need to start standing up for their rights. Right now, few, if any, are willing to do so. Sure, we might occasionally mobilize in support of our right to keep and bear arms, as was seen in Virginia with its 2nd Amendment rally. But, generally, the average American conservative likes to avoid controversy. Perhaps that is because of cancel culture, maybe it is because we like having friends with different political opinions, or perhaps it is just because we are not yet motivated enough to take the leap and start fighting back against the leftists that want to strip us of our rights.

But, whatever the case, conservatives need to rethink that unwillingness to fight back in the public sphere. Make no mistake, the rights described in this quote by Rand Paul on natural rights are under attack. The leftists do not like that we have a right to be left alone and enjoy the fruits of our labor. They are socialists. They hate the idea of private property or individualism, so, obviously, they do not want us to have those rights. And, if we continue to avoid fighting back, then they will do their utmost to strip those rights away. That is not just my opinion; it is a fact.

So, in conclusion, read this quote by Rand Paul on natural rights carefully. Read more online about natural rights and the philosophy behind them so you are educated on the topic. And then start fighting back; whenever and wherever you hear someone advocating for stripping you of your rights, debate that person or group of people. Fight back against them in the public sphere so that the left knows that conservatives will not lie down quietly while their rights are trampled on any longer. Rather, we will fight back to preserve our rights.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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