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Rand Paul on Income Inequality

The Quote by Rand Paul on Income Inequality:

“When policy is directed toward eliminating income inequality, the unintended consequence is to lessen the incentives that drive the wealth creation that has lifted millions of people out of poverty.” -Rand Paul on Income Inequality

My Take

Despite the assertions of many Democrats, such as Bernie Sanders the dangerous communist, income inequality is not at all a problem for America. This great quote by Rand Paul on income inequality shows exactly why.

With wage and wealth inequality, the brightest members of society, Charles Murray’s cognitive elite, are motivated to use their ideas to transform society. That entrepreneurial spirit is what, when backed by sound business sense, leads to unbelievable levels of prosperity. America, because of its traditional support for the free market and entrepreneurs, has been very prosperous as a result; our economic history shows the truth of this quote by Rand Paul on income inequality.

Democrats somehow can’t wrap their mind around that. They think the fact that one citizen has more than another is evil despite the fact that the one with more typically has it because he or she worked harder. Equality of outcome never works, as discussed in Equal is Unfair, because no one wants to work if there is no reward for doing so.

Rand Paul, at least, understands that fact. He knows that even if some have less than others, it’s ok because capitalism is a rising tide that lifts all boats. That makes it not a, but the, solution to poverty, which Trump has recognized and taken advantage of through deregulation and opportunity zones.

And, perhaps even more importantly, this quote by Rand Paul on income inequality shows the point made by Robert Heinlein in his quote on capitalism and poverty; societies are lifted out of poverty only by entrepreneurs. If those entrepreneurs are constrained by society, especially by programs meant to reduce the phantom menace of “income inequality,” then they simply will not work as hard to innovate. As a result, society will remain stagnant and conditions will be worse for everyone.

In my opinion, that shows that not only is this quote by Rand Paul on income inequality true, but it also shows the key to continued American prosperity and how we can avoid European-style stagnation; we just need to empower entrepreneurs to innovate and earn lots of money by doing so. That is all it takes. We just need the political will to make it happen.

Capitalists know that wealth inequality isn’t a problem and that income inequality is even less of a problem. We need to show the left why. Help me do so by spreading this great Rand Paul quote on income inequality and showing other Americans that it should not matter how much you earn. What should matter is how hard you work and what opportunities you have!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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