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Epic: Check Out the Hilarious Message Rand Paul Just Sent to the YouTube Censors

News recently came out that the cloth masks many are forced to wear when walking inside a restaurant, sitting on a plane, or in many other public areas, are not particularly useful if used for protection against Covid-19. Not all masks, mind you, the NYT says the N95 masks are more effective, just the cloth ones that have become ubiquitous.

Curiously (or not), the New York Times, a regime media outlet if there ever was one, was, unlike other outlets and individuals that have been reporting on the general ineffectiveness of cloth masks for up to two years now, wasn’t censored when it posted its article on the subject.

For reference, the article, titled “The C.D.C. concedes that cloth masks do not protect against the virus as effectively as other masks.” claims:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday clarified its stance on various kinds of masks, acknowledging that the cloth masks frequently worn by Americans do not offer as much protection as surgical masks or respirators.

While this disparity is widely known to the general public, the update marks the first time the C.D.C. has explicitly addressed the differences. The agency’s website also no longer refers to a shortage of respirators.

[…]According to the C.D.C.’s new description of masks, loosely woven cloth products provide the least protection and layered finely woven products offer more. Well-fitting disposable surgical masks and KN95s — another type of respirator mask — are more protective than all cloth masks, and well-fitting respirators, including N95s, offer the highest level of protection.

One such individual who was censored for reporting the truth about cloth masks was Rand Paul, who was temporarily suspended from YouTube back in August for refusing to toe the line pushed by Fauci, Big Tech, and their ilk.

So, when the New York Times posted its article, he promptly responded to the whole situation with a scathing tweet, saying “Does this mean snot-nosed censors at YouTube will come to my office and kiss my … and admit I was right?

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Others were quick to agree with and support him. Jack Posobiec, for example, commented saying “THIS ENERGY RIGHT HERE”:

But, while he’s one of the highest-profile people to be suspended from YouTube for reporting on the mask issue, he’s far from the only one. As I reported a few days ago:

YouTube, one of the largest video-sharing platforms on the web, just temporarily demonetized conservative commentator Dan Bongino for Covid-19 “misinformation.”

Specifically, YouTube slapped him for saying that masks are “useless” in stopping the spread of the Chinese flu because its Covid-19 information policy specifically prohibits any content that denies the effectiveness of masks.

Despite the correctness of Sen. Paul’s position, a position that even the NYT is now tentatively admitting to be true, at least to some degree, I doubt that the YouTube censors will apologize. That’s just not the style of the immensely powerful tech censors.

Still, Sen. Paul’s willingness to call them out hints that when the red wave comes, it will bring a host of attacks against the Big Tech titans with it.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.