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Rand Paul Claims Fauci Committed Malpractice, Needs to Be Removed from Office

Long one of the few Senators willing to go after Fauci in public fashion, Rand Paul is at it again, this time hitting him for what Sen. Paul describes as “malpractice.”

In fact, Sen. Paul says that Fauci’s malpractice is so severe that he needs to be removed from office!

What’s the basis of that claim, one which came Monday Night on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime”? The fact that Fauci treated everyone the same for the purposes of Covid policy rather than zeroing in on the least healthy and most at risk.

Here’s what Sen. Paul said:

“But all along this has been — and this is Fauci’s main mistake. He said, let’s treat everyone the same. Universal treatment whether you’re 10 years old or 80 years old. And that, frankly, is malpractice.

Because you are 1,000 times more likely to die if you are 80 than if you are 10, this is a huge mistake. It’s an unforgivable mistake by Fauci, and it’s one of the reasons why we need to quit taking his advice. He needs to be dismissed from office. Because he is telling you things that aren’t true.

About half of the United States has probably had COVID now. He is not counting that at all. He is saying we are not vaccinated. We are not vaccinated.

That’s not true either. Ninety-five percent of people over 65 are vaccinated. 95 percent. That’s a huge success.

And then we also have a lot of people who have gotten it naturally. Ninety-three percent of the public has gotten either vaccinated or gotten it naturally. That’s a huge success.”

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If only other Republicans had the same level of courage as Sen. Paul and were willing to stand up to Fauci and call him out like that!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics