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Opinion: Pete Buttigieg’s “Racist Bridge” Is A Bridge Too Far

In one of the most intellectually egregious declarations from a spokesman of the lunatic Left, Pete Buttigieg has declared that “Bridges are Racist.”  This opinion from the unhinged purveyors of fake racism comes on the heels of other equally mentally bankrupt notions from the left-side of the political spectrum, such as infrastructure is sexist, math is racist, employing the scientific method is a condition of whiteness, and that Kyle Rittenhouse should not have defended himself when one attacker said, “I’m going to kill you,” while another pointed a pistol in his face.

The race hustlers act as hateful optometrists forcing society to wear glasses that see everything in existence as racial. If you refuse to don these spectacles, the protocol to redeem you might include a Twitter timeout, a FaceBook banishing, or another round of corporate equity training to cleanse your consciousness of any thought that dissatisfies the doublespeak politburo of anti-racism.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg lied to the American people to foment the racial divide. He repeated a well-debunked conspiracy theory that bridges along the Southern State Parkway in New York City were constructed lower to keep black inner-city people from going to Jones Beach.

Left-wing sites have joined in, perpetuating the flimsy allegation as proof of white supremacy.  The claim originated in the book Power Broker by Robert Caro, who alleged Robert Moses, a famed urban planner in mid 20th century, intentionally built lower bridges so buses that lower-income people were more likely to use couldn’t pass under, thus denying them access to certain beaches.

Pete Buttigieg expanded the racist bridge theory beyond New York to include the entire United States. Further scrutiny reveals that “Parkways” Buttigieg and Caro, in his discredited book refer to, were designed across the country to exclude large, noisy commercial vehicles to preserve the impression of a park, thus the term Parkway. There was no racial bias inherent in this decision-making, but that didn’t stop Buttigieg from spewing his fake, hate-laced account of New York infrastructure to score political points and further divide the nation to benefit the Democratic Party.

On a side note, Robert Caro received a Pulitzer prize for the falsehoods in his race-baiting book, Power Broker. In a similar fashion, New York Times reporters received Pulitzers for writing fake, debunked stories about Donald Trump and Russian collusion.

Meanwhile, reporters like John Solomon and Catherine Herridge, both of whom produced stellar reporting on the Russian collusion hoax that proved to be very accurate, received no Pulitzers. I would venture a bet that the bulk of the Pulitzer Judging board voted D and will benefit from Biden’s state and local tax (SALT) gift to mainly wealthy democrats in blue areas by raising the real estate write-off from $10,000 to $80,000.  Actually, it’s not much of a bet since a cursory glance at the eighteen Pulitzer board members reveals that all of them are knee-deep in democrat party causes or come from liberal news organizations and university positions.

Robert Caro is just another cog in the wheel of left-wing social engineers who have practiced their deceptive craft upon a mostly unwitting American public over the decades with assistance from a complicit media.

These are other examples of left-wing activists distorting history for political and ideological gain: the fallacious 1619 Project authored by Nicole Hannah Jones, the Cloward/Piven paper that advocates for structural collapse and UBI, Howard Zinn’s inaccurate literary lie entitled A People’s History, and Ibram Kendi’s divisive CRT books.

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The recent election of Republican Governor Glen Youngkin in the blue state of Virginia suggests voters are revolting against Democrat politicians and bureaucrats factionalizing society according to race and gender, pushing CRT, and making sexually explicit reading material available to students.

Youngkin’s two-point victory over Terry McCollough represents an eleven-point swing for Republicans from four years ago when Democrat Ralph Northam won by nearly 9 points. Additionally, Virginia voters flipped the General Assembly to Republican, elected Republican Winsome Sears to Lieutenant General, and Republican Jason Miyares defeated the incumbent Mark Herring for Attorney General – something that hasn’t happened since 1885.

The glow of the midterm elections is on the political horizon and will be a pivotal point for America.  As a country, we have a choice to continue on this dangerous path of radicalism or inject sanity into the halls of government. I, for one, believe that Pete Buttigieg trying to sell the fake racist bridges to Americans is simply a bridge too far, and hopefully, what happened to Democrats in Virginia will unfold again on November 8, 2022.

 RWR original article syndication source.