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Racism Burns Bright In The Democratic Party

The more I listen to these Democrats, I cannot see how this nation ever gets back on track, without first going through a massive civil upheaval, or even civil war. Every position these Marxists and Maoists have taken of late certainly do not allow for any compromise with Christians and conservatives, and they surely intend it to be as such, in that they hold a current majority, no matter its slim nature; they seem to think it is enough, and it has prompted them to move in an ever-increasingly dangerous direction for America. 

I wish it were so simple as my good friend, Carol Swain, wrote in the Tennessee Star, back in February:

“We can do better. Within Christian communities, there is a basis for countering destructive narratives that have invaded our educational institutions and corporate world. The solution for hatred, bitterness, and distrust can be found in New Testament principles. Rather than wallow in the past and revisionists’ efforts to build a case for reparations, we, as Americans, need to move forward while practicing the forgiveness and love of neighbor that Jesus espoused. We need not look any further than the “golden rule” (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) to find the tools that enable us to transcend racial and ethnic conflicts that keep us from working together and celebrating our victories. Our present approach cripples members of the designated victim groups while creating new victims among those classified as oppressors.” 

Noble and righteous as her words may be, they are a fantasy in this case, since she has forgotten just who this Enemy From Within is. The Democrats have denied God — at least in the guise of Jesus Christ, the One True God in my eyes and the God of Christians — in their last three national conventions. They are outright immoral communists, who are not held to any standard or guided by any decent and righteous conscience by their Marxist tenets, that plainly state “the ends justify the means”.

In other words, they are not beyond doing any work of evil that they deem necessary to acquire the power they desire and to hold it forever.  If it were just this one issue, Carol’s suggestion might actually stand a bit of a chance, but once one considers what is really at stake, total power over all America, Her resources, people and wealth, it really leaves no real room for resolution without a great deal of pain for the American people, yet to come.  ~ J.O.S. 

The reality for any Christian, who isn’t a moral relativist, and conservative freedom and liberty-loving Americans, of all colors, is that racism today cuts across the spectrum of colors.

It isn’t merely whites exhibiting racial bias and hatred towards blacks, as it has morphed into some significantly greater abnormal psychosis [if that’s even possible], that has white and black communists alike pointing to anyone who opposes their ideology as “racist”, even if one is a black person.

However, this is a tactic pointedly aimed at white conservative society with a laser focus, in preparation for the “elite” oligarchy of Democratic Party communists to take and hold power, by making the dispensing of privilege and one’s rights a matter to be laid on the collective, communal table, and to be determined by one’s race, tribe and standing in the community, in a way that is sure to Balkanize America to some great degree, further weakening America and facilitating the entrenchment of the communists within our country’s institutions and the seats of power. 

In an entirely different context intended to make President Trump appear to be a racist, the racist former First Lady Michelle Obama noted in October 2020, that “… Racism, fear, division, these are powerful weapons and they can destroy this nation if we don’t deal with them head on”.

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She basically accused Trump of the very thing that Democrats have done for decades, the very thing being institutionalized and weaponized by Joe Biden at this moment in time. Last year, during a breakfast to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. in Boston, America also heard Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) wailing away that “identity politics aren’t ruining this country … what’s ruining this country is white supremacy.” 

To hear the radical Democrats tell it, America’s white people are to this day guilty of “systemic racism“, something they repeated in their party platform ten times at their convention last year. However, they never explained why Barack Obama never fixed and resolved this problem in his eight years; they never explained why Biden wasn’t able to enact anything meaningful in 40 plus years to address structural and systemic racism and income inequality, too. Racism was absolutely not “institutionalized” prior to 2008 and the ascendancy and growth of America’s radicals and communists within the U.S. federal government, but how quick matters do change.

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With the Biden Administration in control of the reins of power, America is witnessing an all out effort to institutionalize race-based policies that favor all people of color and those whites, few or many, who have been accepted into the fold of the Marxist/ Maoist collective, as being properly sensitive and woke to the terrible lives all black people have surely had today, due to the past sins of slavery, while all conservative whites are viewed with suspicion and penalized.The Democratic Party Communist mantra of the day remains, “White people are bad and being white is a mortal sin”.

They present as fact that Western civilization, but especially American society, is based on racist oppressions of people of color and our education system at present is interwoven with racist biases and indoctrination focused on maintaining the oppression of people of color, despite the fact that the public education system has been in their hands for over seventy years. They simply wish to halt all teaching that advances any love for traditional America and the principles and virtues that have largely been the rule, until now.

Nearly four years ago, the leftists of the National Council of Teachers of English, wrote: “We know that racism exists in our classrooms and in our communities. We feel that silence on these issues is complicity in the systemic racism that has marred our educational system. We see no place for neutrality and urge each member of the NCTE to educate as many people as possible about the ways that systemic racism affects us in negative ways.” 

Who is indoctrinating who? America has heard a great deal these days of the Critical Race Theory that these communists are attempting to engrain within the federal government and make mandatory curriculum throughout our schools, and in large part, it is this nonsensical, abhorrent and immoral Marxist/ Maoist tripe that is being spewed by white communists, who are profusely screaming their hatred for their own race to the heavens, while they denounce their own “white privilege”, as if one may have any control over an accident of birth that determined the level of melanin in one’s skin.

Life taught me the hard way that racism comes in many shapes and sizes and all colors, when a much larger black “youth” who had failed the ninth grade three times, grabbed my sweatshirt from my locker, after football practice one day and wiped his ass with it, as he spewed racial epitaphs. I was one of the few white students that had been bussed into inner-city Nashville to attend Cameron Junior High, in 1972, and it really made me wonder, even then, if Martin Luther King’s vision would ever take hold, given the constant hue and cry of the race-baiters and hustlers in society, whose “business” couldn’t be sustained, if everybody of all races actually were getting along just fine.

For many decades, Americans of all colors have interacted together as Americans, who saw other Americans first, rather than African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and so forth, but the rise of Barack Obama changed all that, as he and his Marxist ilk saw fit to highlight “racial injustice” at every opportunity, regardless of the circumstances or facts surrounding any of their so-called “examples of racial inequality”.Enter an illegitimate imposter to the Presidency and a Red-Hot Flaming Radical Communist, Joe Biden, and we have more misery in the race relations political arena bearing down on all America like a runaway freight train.

By focusing his efforts on a “racism” that was virtually eradicated from our institutions and society at large, over the past few decades, he has opened the door to the perpetual victimhood of Black America, for those subscribing to his tripe, ensuring that they will always remain incapacitated victims and dependent on government for their every need.

The black communists of Black Lives Matter may as well hang a sign around their necks saying “I am a weak victim and I am incapable of providing for myself.”Much of this has been engrained into a black culture that ridicules, bullies and ostracizes a young black man who may enjoy reading Shakespeare, by calling him a “white wannabe” or “Uncle Tom” in an invective manner. This is the same attitude that has seen black culture embrace contempt for real education and failure rather than success, for the most part, except in those niches of the community where blacks found and used the conservative philosophy, principles and virtues, to rise above their own particular difficult situations.

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However, the Democratic Party communists of America would have people of color, whether red, brown, black or yellow, perpetuate the myth and falsehoods of their victimhood into the present and view all whites, as their inveterate enemies, unless they have rejected their own “whiteness”, thrown themselves on the altar of racial wokeness and asked forgiveness from the Democratic Party Communist Masters and whoever is really calling the shots in the Biden White House and keeping the fires of racism burning brighter than a Klan rally led by Senator Robert Byrd, on a Saturday night in the hills of West Virginia. 

Has any American ever seen any event anymore racist as the race riots that occurred over the “Summer of Love” all across America? Black Lives Matter burned their communities to the ground like one massive burning hammer and sickle sacrificed to their human “gods” of Marx, Mao, and the proponents of the destruction of anything remotely connected to Christianity, the Constitution, Liberty and America and Her Founding, while white ANTIFA communists aided them, cheering them on and joining in the destructive mayhem and nihilistic chaos.Now we hear of new legislation being passed in Congress, through the recent $1.9 trillion dollar Covid Relief spending bill that grants $4 billion to black farmers while excluding white farmers, in contravention of the Equality Clause of the Constitution and the 14th Amendment.

Even worse, as reported on March 11th at Fox News, Berea College in Berea, Kentucky held an event that conflates “white citizenship” and “terrorism” as being one and the same. Heaven forbid that any white child gets a bit too bossy on any playground today. If he’s in a school setting, he’s liable to be taken to the principle’s office for five hard swaps with a paddle and a month of in-school detention.

Or, if this situation devolves much further, America will see its own version of “Hitler Youth” and an entire generation handed over to government “guardians” to be molded, shaped and “educated” through some Orwellian program that separates the family under the guise of serving “racial equality, social justice and the greater good”. The Coca-Cola Company recently revealed a new training program for its employees that tells them to “try to be less white“. In part, the creator of this crap, Robin DiAngelo, suggests, in part, that white people should try to be less oppressive, arrogant, certain, defensive and arrogant while being more humble. Like Hell, I say. I’m proud to be an American, white or not, and I sure in the hell won’t apologize for being white or act like I’ve done something wrong, simply because I was born white.

And if I worked for Coca-Cola, I would have a massive lawsuit going against them at the moment for discrimination and creating a hostile work environment. Americans currently live in a time when conservative, freedom loving Americans are actually being oppressed by an irredeemable segment of red, radical, sick and demented Democratic Party communist rat bastards who use severely flawed and erroneous social “science” as a means of control.

The Critical Race Theory is a purely immoral political fiction that is beyond facts and reason, and it is based on emotions of resentment and rage against anyone with a white face. It is a racist ideology that has infiltrated every segment of our society and all our government institutions, while being weaponized against white America, with an animosity that intends to implement an unfathomable ethnocide in the not too distant future.  

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The Democratic Party really is that evil, and it seems to be only removed from Uncle Joe Stalin’s Communism of yesteryear by a slim degree of separation, with the gap rapidly draws to a close. When is it enough? How long must white America apologize for the slave trade that started in Africa, through black African tribal chiefs, Muslim slave-traders and British Lords? How long must whites be attacked for the sins of slavery, even when many are descended from a line that never engaged in this vile and evil practice? How long are we going to allow black America to wallow in its victimhood? … allow the Democratic Party Communists to use this as a weapon against conservative Americans who love traditional America, our heritage and America’s Founding?

On February 20th, 2021 in the Tennessee Star, my good friend, Ms. Carol Swain, political analyst and retired Vanderbilt University law professor, noted: “Those who push white guilt and black victimhood ignore critical facts. One is that today’s white Americans are not responsible for the sins of generations ago. Second, slavery was an institution that blacks, Native Americans, and whites participated in as slaveholders. There’s plenty of guilt to go around there.”

One should wonder why today’s Democrats are so anxious to abandon Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of a country where his children would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Rather than dismantle the color-blind framework that so many great Americans gave their lives to see implemented in many areas of our society, notwithstanding programs like Affirmative Action, we must instill in the next generation an understanding of one another, not as a skin color but as individuals deserving and possessing rights — an understanding that acknowledges no person’s Inalienable God-Given Rights can be negated simply due to one being born “the wrong color”.

The Democratic Party Communists are using a sham moral superiority to exert influence across our society, in a shortcut to gaining and holding power over the nation. Their elitist posture isn’t about being righteous or true; it’s just the opposite, in fact, and evil as the day is long, as they work to exert raw power over all America and usher in their vision of a “utopian paradise”, a true Hell on Earth if history proves a good indicator.

The current race-based assault on Christian and Conservative Americans of all colors isn’t any accident, and in the process, America is being dragged far away from MLK’s dream of a colorblind America. Focusing on race rather than our common humanity facilitates the goals of the Democratic Party Marxists and Maoists, by pushing people into identity groups, and this is a crucial much-needed step for those seeking to radically transform America far and away from Her Original Founding Principles. 

No one of sound mind can really expect this to end well, if the race-baiters and hustlers keep exacerbating the situation and fomenting racial division and heightened levels of hatred. There isn’t any people of any race or creed that will be constantly put upon by unreasonable demands, that foolishly reject reason, facts and individual liberty in favor of tyranny and dictatorship. And any free people desiring to remain free will most surely and most certainly reject those demands made by the Democratic Party Communists for the white people of America to abase themselves and grovel for their right to exist and live free, to exercise their Inalienable God-Given Rights as Free Men and Women, as Free Born Americans, no matter that they may pay the ultimate price.

By: Justin Smith. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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