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MSNBC: Your Daily Dose of Hate-Mongering and Race-Baiting – Tiffany Cross Style

The network that made its name promoting baseless conspiracy theories – MSNBC – suffered a sharp decline in ratings because when people are being murdered on the streets of Chicago, the lively discussions of Trump being a Russian spy no longer seem relevant. To fix that, MSNBC created a new position on their staff. It is called “The resident racist.”

This role was previously filled by notorious anti-Semite and homophobe Joy ReidIn this video, Joy Reid boasts about her “amazing GPA and fantastic SAT scores” – the very things that her nutty far-left friends believe are racist. Damn, she should have done her research – she may have to apologize for that tomorrow.

But now that Joy’s fake “black accent” is getting old and annoying (truthfully, none of the black people I met talked like that) MSNBC has hired fresh new blood. Her name is Tiffany Cross.

Tiffany Cross had absolutely no name recognition until she discovered that the best way to let people know about her existence is to use a racial slur against an African American Senator.  She promptly did that in response to Tim Scott’s RNC speech.

“I mean, I watched the Republican convention, and seeing the slew of black speakers that they had, it really did look like a modern-day minstrel show to me.”

Note: The acts of minstrels, who typically performed in blackface, featured exaggerated and inaccurate representations of black people in songs, dances, and comic dialogue. The popularity of minstrel shows in their heyday played a significant role in promoting negative racial stereotypes.

Tim Scott’s distinguished career is not fooling Tiffany Cross into giving him any respect.  Just like her favorite President Joe Biden, Ms. Cross thinks that if you are a black Republican, “you ain’t black.”

“Let’s be clear: Tim Scott does not represent any constituency other than the small number of sleepy, slow-witted sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome who get elevated to prominence for repeating a false narrative about this country that makes conservative white people feel comfortable.”

This week, I suspect Tiffany Cross’ ratings suffered another sharp decline because she decided to attack a person who has 10 times the media influence as she does – Megyn Kelly – for being “irrelevant:”

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“It’s no coincidence that Snow White and the Seven Dumb Takes she’s had recently overwhelmingly target black women.”

Of course, if I was employed by MSNBC, I’d continue to get my large salary if I used a racial slur against a woman of color.  Maybe I’d get a promotion.  I wonder.

“To all you Karens watching at home, please make a list for your white Santa and pray to your white Jesus for a life, please.”

If that does not make any sense to you, don’t worry – it is not meant to.  Tiffany Cross’ purpose is not to engage your mind or make a meaningful argument.  Her purpose is to “trigger” her audience by mentioning the name “Karen” and to use the term “white” in the most insulting sense possible.  That is how she makes money.

NBC network, owned by Comcast, is paying their hosts to use racial slurs on the air and promote racial hatred – a business idea that CNN may want to imitate. Oh wait, I’m bad, CNN is hip boot deep in the same game – take a look and how well that is paying off.

 RWR original article syndication source.