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Rabid RINO Declares War on MAGA Movement, Gets Utterly Humiliated

Well, Rep. Kinzinger did it again: he made a fool of himself in yet another video showing his RINO sympathies and, as a result, got utterly decimated.

It began when he posted this video, which, like his limp-wristed explanation for running from Tucker, was a disgrace. Watch it here:

As you can hear, Kinzinger, speaking to CNN anchor Jim Sciutto (generally, a “Republican” talking to CNN/MSNBC is a major red flag), said:

If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination, there are many of us that will move heaven and earth to ensure he doesn’t win. I think that’s the most important thing. He can not be President again.

“He cannot be president again.” What is that statement?

It’s more than Kinzinger getting even farther out of his league. It’s a declaration of war on the MAGA movement, a pledge that he’ll do anything and everything it takes not to stop the left, which is what you might want and expect from a theoretically Republican president, but to attack one of the most powerful and influential conservatives out there.

Yet worse, it’s Kinzinger effectively kicking off a GOP civil war. Thanks to him, there won’t be much reconciliation between MAGA and the RINOs. Thanks to him, we’re gonna have to fight it out and make sure that the populist movement is defended and pansies without a spine like Kinzinger are gonzo for good.

The one bright spot is that, as is predictable, Kinzinger was utterly ripped to shreds on Twitter, with patriots and Trump supporters raking him over the coals for his attacks on the party and the help he was providing to the Democrats in starting a GOP Civil War. Here are some of the best comments:

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No comment on this one, other than that everything was totally, 100%, very, definitely, certainly legit as PolitiFact tells us. In any case, here’s the top comment:

Sounds like they are willing to break the law to make sure he wouldn’t win.

Another wasn’t a fan of Trump, but still hammered Kinzinger for claiming he’d “do anything,” saying:

I hate Trump, but if he won under the laws of the land he’s President just like the current Alzheimer’s patient, yet this halfwit is talking about breaking the law.

Another ripped Kinzinger for the anti-democratic nature of his promise, saying:

So do I have this right. If the people decide that they want a certain candidate but the establishment and deep state decides they don’t care what the people want, they will work to overthrow the People’s choice? Do I have that right?

Another was more positive, saying:

Lol there are many crazy people in America that wants him to – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and they would also move heaven and earth to make him win

There there was this one, emphasizing just how much Trump wrecked his enemies:

These people are broken. He broke them.

And there was this pretty darn funny meme:

Point being, Kinzinger got ripped apart. Those were just the top few comments and retweets…there were many, many more, almost all of them negative. Americans stand with Trump, not turncoats like Kinzinger.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

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