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“Quintessentially American”:WATCH Brave, Christian Patriot Take a Stand for God by Reciting Lord’s Prayor in Capitol

Are you feeling overwhelmed lately? Do you feel the world around you does not feel like the world you grew up in? Take a moment to remember what it felt like to well up with emotion recognizing sacred feelings and things, and share a quintessentially American moment:

The man above is Nathan Kistler standing in our nation’s U.S. Capitol delivering a stunning acapella rendition of The Lord’s Prayer. As he sang those gathered near hushed and were fixated on both the moving and powerful spiritual moment. 

There, surrounded by our nation’s profound history wrapping the walls and ceilings – this voice pierced the ideological dogma that holds our countrymen captive today and harkened back to our Founder’s belief in divine providence. Kistler offered a reverent tone amongst the sacred foundations of the architecture which provided such perfect acoustics for such a moment.

Kistler is the executive director at Hope to the Hill Ministries in D.C., which aims to encourage, support, and minister to powerful politicians who are carrying the heavy burden of leadership.

“In the last almost 13 years that I’ve been here, I’ve never sung in the rotunda of the Capitol. I’ve always set it up for other singers to do so. Rep. Louie Gohmert asked if I would sing for him and the group and I was honored to do so,” Kistler wrote on Facebook.

Hope to the Hill Ministries mission is to provide prayer and pastoral support for all those God has put in office. They also offer training to lawmakers on how to share their faith with others.

“So many members, when you go into their office, say, ‘Well, what can I do for you today?’ And we just say we don’t want anything from you. We just want to know how we can pray for you,” Kistler told CBN News. “And it’s amazing to see members – I’ve had anything from they kind of shrug a little bit to crying because they’ve never had anybody come into their office and ask how they can pray for them.” 

There, don’t you feel a little better now? I know I do.

Let Nathan Kistler inspire you to create more moments like the one above to share with others in a unifying measure.

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