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Psycho Amber Heard STORMS Out of Court, Ignores Judge’s Orders [WATCH]

Even those of us who’ve been either unable or unwilling to pay much attention to actor Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard have still seen or heard plenty of explosive moments from the proceedings.

Whether we’ve seen the witty, and sometimes hilarious, exchanges between Depp and Heard’s lawyers, or if we caught some of the sordid details of Heard’s activities in seeking revenge against Depp, chances are just about everyone in America has at least caught glimpses of the goings-on.

This video of one of Heard’s latest shenanigans can be added to that list:

One doesn’t need a top-notch lawyer to be given the following advice: When the court is in session, do whatever the judge tells you to do, and whatever you do, don’t disrespect her. But apparently, Ms. Heard couldn’t help herself, as we see and hear Judge Penny Azcarate state:

“You can have a seat next to your attorney, okay? You can go have a seat next to her, that’s fine.”

Those are pretty clear instructions, don’t you think?

In the moments preceding what is shown in the video from Tuesday afternoon, Heard was grilled by Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, and things did not go well. Vazquez pressed and prodded Heard who subsequently became visibly upset on multiple occasions.

Afterwards, when Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, did her best at damage control during redirect questioning. It seemed like every time Bredehoft tried to pose a question to Heard in hopes of rebuilding Heard’s standing, she was interrupted by Vazquez raising objections. The entire sequence was disastrous for Heard.

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There’s a lot at stake with this lawsuit, in fact, there’s $50 million at stake, which is what Depp is suing Heard for.

The suit is based on an Op Ed Heard wrote for the Washington Post accusing Deep of committing domestic violence. Depp has maintained his innocence and claims that Heard’s accusation has destroyed his career.

Tuesday’s antics from Heard followed an equally dismal episode from Monday. As reported by the Daily Wire, an audio clip was played during the cross-examination of Heard:

You will not see my eyes again,” Depp promised  Heard during a 2016 meeting, which was the last time the couple spoke to one another in person.

“He won’t look at you, right?” Depp attorney Camille Vasquez asked Heard during the first hour of cross-examination this week.

“You know exactly why Mr. Depp won’t look at you,” Vasquez pressed. “He promised you he would never see your eyes again, is that true?

“I don’t recall that,” Heard said in response, ahead of Depp’s legal team playing the 2016 audio clip for the court.

“Please, I just want to hug you and say bye,” Heard begs Depp on the audio.

“I am nothing to you, and I will always be nothing to you,” said the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. “You will not see my eyes again.”

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