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[VIDEO] “Let Me Finish!” Fiery Psaki Snaps after a Fox Reporter Presses Her to Answer a Question

Psaki had one of her moments during a press conference on November 9th, absolutely losing her professional demeanor, a demeanor always on the edge of disappearing, and freaking out when Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked her about CDC mask policy, snapping at him angrily and refusing to give an honest answer to her question. It was entirely unprofessional, and shows just how much of a joke administration is.

The fiery back and forth began when Heinrich pressed her to answer a question on a topic the left hates answering now: masks. Trying to get her to say if the CDC will change its guidance, Heinrich asked “When are we going to hear from the CDC on this guidance? California yesterday changed their guidance. Randi Weingarten — teachers union — is vocally asking for the White House and the CDC to weigh in. So when are we going to hear from the CDC about updating the guidance on masks?

Jen, predictably, refused to answer, giving one of her typical, useless statements that fails to address the issue at hand and saying “You’ll have to ask the CDC. The CDC moves at the pace of data and science.”

Then, after refusing to answer Heinrich’s question satisfactorily, Psaki started going completely off topic and rambling about schools, saying “We want kids to be in school. Ninety-eight percent of schools are open. That’s a very —”

While keeping schools open would be great, that’s not what Heinrich asked about. So, because time at such conferences is a rare time to ask questions and hope they’ll be answered, Heinrich tried to interrupt and push the press secretary back on topic, managing to get one work out and saying “Do —

That was when the fiery Psaki snapped, giving the usual response of someone who just can’t stand being pushed back on track. Snapping at Heinrich, Psaki said “Let me finish! That’s a very good sign.”  Watch her here:

It’s not an absolute explosion, to be sure, but it was still rude and undeserved. Heinrich asked a question and Psaki didn’t answer; an attempt at getting her to answer wasn’t something that should have been snapped at.

Heinrich again tried to retrack the rambling train and said “Do you believe —” , but Psaki just kept going, thinking she was somehow on a roll.

Blowing right past Heinrich and still not giving an answer, she said “We know what works. The CDC is always going to be reviewing their guidance, including mask guidance. But in terms of when they will provide additional new guidance, that is up to them.”

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There used to be a word for Psaki and people like her that was very, very accurate, but I don’t think we’re supposed to use it anymore. Too bad, the fiery, rambling, rude press secretary certainly deserves the moniker; from the pursed lips at the very start of her answer you just tell she wasn’t ready to answer in a non-rude way.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.