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Psaki Slammed after Saying Biden Administration “Saved Christmas”

Psaki is terrible. Just terrible. Whereas Democrats are usually pretty good at lying, she can’t even do that well.

Most recently, her inability to even lie correctly was seen when she attempted to claim that Team Brandon had “saved Christmas.”

Saying “Christmas gifts are arriving on time this year. Good news. We’ve saved Christmas! And that is because President Biden recognized this challenge early, acted as an honest broker to bring key stakeholders together, and focused on addressing practical problems across the global supply chain” during a press conference Wednesday.

She also tweeted out an NYT article about Christmas gifts arriving on time, adding “Take that Scrooge, the Grinch and all of the doubters that this could happen. Also shelves are stocked at 90% (pre-pandemic levels are 91%)”

Jen and her incompetent friends on Team Brandon can claim “mission accomplished” on the supply chain issue all they want, but the fact remains that simply doing one’s job isn’t commendable, but expected, and that Team Brandon hasn’t even done that. Goods, especially items like cars, ovens, and dryers, remain notoriously hard to find.

In any case, conservative media figures were quick to call out Psaki, noting the utter ridiculousness of her statement. Just the News provides a few examples of such comments, such as:

Fox News host Katie Pavlich said the administration is asking for “credit for doing their job,” adding, “First, the administration claimed that there wasn’t a supply chain crisis, and now they’re claiming victory for eliminating the supply chain crisis.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) joked, “Psaki said that Joe Biden saved Christmas. Sounds like someone broke out the eggnog a bit early.”

Newsmax host Karl Higbie tweeted his shock: “What? The absolute nerve of this administration.”

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Sean Spicer, Newsmax host and former press secretary for former President Donald Trump, tweeted, “Actually, Jen – American workers – truckers, front line health workers, cashiers, wait staff, flight attendants, cleaning crews etc ‘saved Christmas.'”

Other Twitter comments abounded, with some comments including:

“A year ago I was cautiously hopeful about this administration. Today I see them and only curious what lie or exaggeration are coming out now.”

“This whole administration is scripted.”

“Good job psaki is there to give them the self praise, because no one else is.”

Psaki, as could be expected, is lying. Though some issues are fixed, as they should have been months ago, many remain. At least her lies haven’t gone unobserved.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.