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So Funny: Jen Psaki Skewered after Absurd Gun Control Tweet

Can we all just admit now that Jen Psaki, Brandon’s rude and incompetent press secretary, is terrible? From her responses to her tweets, everything about her just screams “utterly horrible wine mom.” The bitchy responses, the snide remarks, the refusal to hear any opinion with which she even slightly disagrees, all of it is tiresome and frustrating.

But there is a bright spot: her tweets, while enraging, get so roundly mocked and condemned that one can’t help but chuckle. Though whatever she says is inevitably rage-inducing, the geniuses of the internet that comment on her posts are hilarious and the frustrated patriots that slam her are heartening; whatever the radical left is up to, at least such people exist and still speak their minds freely.

Such was the case with Jen Psaki’s most recent tweet of note, an utterly ridiculous one about gun control. Screaming about guns to the internet, Psaki said:

This is a very important point. In 2020 (last year we have data) 77% of reported murders were committed with a firearm, the highest ever. (It was 67% just a decade earlier) Yet too many common sense gun safety measures are stuck.

Though making logic-based arguments against gun control never work, as the adherents of that tyrannical plan of action care even less about facts than they do about the Constitution.

But still, just because it’s impossible not to, here’s the reminder that “common sense” gun control laws are just as unconstitutional, when meant to control the firearm ownership of law-abiding citizens, as non-common sense gun laws. “Shall not be infringed” means just that: “shall not be infringed.”

Further, though the bitchy redhead blames guns for 77% of reported murders, what she doesn’t mention is that criminals commit 100% of murders, along with 100% of other violent crimes. They’re the problem, not the tools they use. But Kamala bailed them out and leftists everywhere set them free. Were they actually worried about crime, as Psaki pretends to be, criminals would be locked up and gun rights left unmolested. But, of course, that’s not what they want.

In any case, the replies were epic, as is usual when Psaki tweets something dumb. Here were some of my favorites:

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And I bet it was criminals that committed them. It’s NOT a firearm problem, it’s a people with criminal intent problem.

Stop releasing criminals in the streets for votes. EVERYONE knows it’s not legal guns committing these crimes. Thugs are buying ghost guns. This illegitimate regime cares nothing for citizens who are victims of crime as a direct result of your failed policies. 

I was thinking about applying to become a whitehouse spokesperson so looking for a tip – do you ever get tired of lying or do you just get used to it?

No comment needed:

Why is it the highest gun murder rates are in blue municipalities with the most restrictive gun laws? Not a problem in red areas. Let’s increase the “safety measures” in those blue areas and see what happens.

Half of them were in Chicago. Take care of the mayor and the governor and take the guns from the CRIMINALS and maybe it’ll stop but no one in government is brave enough to take them out of the hands of criminals.

Thank you, internet, for destroying Jen Psaki as she deserves to be wrecked! We all appreciate it.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.