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Protesting and Rioting are Different

The Reasons Why Protesting and Rioting are Different

Based on the media’s biased coverage of the (justly occurring) protests over the death George Floyd and the simultaneous widespread looting of America, you might get the idea that protesting and rioting are the same thing. That looting businesses, burning shops, and attacking innocent civilians is the just response to an unjust incident.

Of course, that is completely absurd. Protesting and rioting are different; they’re diametrically opposed.

Peaceful protests, as President Trump mentioned in his comments on the death of George Floyd, are a reasonable response to an unjust incident occurring. They are a good way to show displeasure about an incident, solidarity against who you perceive as the wrong side, and are completely legal and not destructive.

Rioting, on the other hand, is completely different and is instead the product of hate-filled leftists. Far from being a just and reasonable response, it is illegal and destroys businesses, especially those small businesses owned by local community members. Those large chain stores can recover. Target corporate can spend the money necessary to rebuild that Target that was burnt to the ground by Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists. The small businesses, already weakened by the “curve of economic destruction,” which have been destroyed by looting, however, won’t be able to recover. They don’t have the funding, manpower, or backups to rebuild from the ashes of rioter-induced destruction.

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Protesting and rioting are different, but both are happening everywhere. There are protests and riots in Texas, violence in the streets of Portland and Seattle, and clashes between police and protesters and rioters in pretty much every other major city in every state. Both are misguided, but rioting is far worse that protesting because it leads to looting and destruction of property.

That destruction is the key difference between protesting and rioting; it takes it from merely being an inconvenience to something that causes actual societal harm and infringes on the natural rights (life, liberty, and property) of other citizens.

It is sad that so few in America understand the fact that there is a difference between protesting and rioting. I think the root of that is the partisan agenda behind reporting on anything in America, but especially events that have to do with race and violence. Protesting, while something that can be annoying, is generally fine and the right to do it is supported by everyone who believes in the 1st Amendment. But rioting is far different. Unfortunately, because of biased reporting, only half the country (the conservative half) gets that there is a difference between protesting and rioting.

Just imagine if the 2nd Amendment protesters in Virginia acted like the fascist Antifa thugs! The media would be all over that and constantly use it as proof that everyone who support the 2nd Amendment is a domestic terrorist. Hell, almost every 2nd Amendment supporter out there is peaceful, yet the media still portray us as radicals and potential mass murderers, which is absurd in flies in the face of every statistic about gun ownership. Despite our generally peaceful nature, we gun-owners are portrayed as violent thugs by the leftist, anti-2nd Amendment media that is acting like a virus. Meanwhile, the Antifa rioters and looters are left alone by the government and called “peaceful protesters” by the lying Mainstream Media.

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protesting and rioting are different
Protesting and rioting are different. Very different

At the same time, Black Lives Matter and Antifa are organizations that have routinely and repeatedly engaged in the type of violent behavior that we’re now seeing after the death of George Floyd. Protesting and looting are different, but you’d have no knowledge of that based on the media’s treasonously dishonest coverage of BLM and Antifa. Whenever those Antifa fanatics riot in a town like Berkeley and destroy shops or attack young conservatives, the media labels it as “protesting” and, for their biased reasons, often blame the young conservatives.

Part of that is because of the leftist bent at colleges and media outlets; the journalists and professors and witnesses are all leftists, so of course they blame the young conservatives.

The other reason, in my mind, is that many journalists are so imbued with their own propaganda about Social Justice, racism, or whatever that they really believe that, for minorities and socialists, protesting and rioting are always the same thing because they are justified in their anger.

That is absurd, and it is a problem. Protesting and rioting are different; there’s no ambiguity about that. But if Americans don’t know that, then they’ll be unable to properly show their displeasure in a productive way. Protesting can be a great agent for good social change. What happened in Virginia with the 2nd Amendment is a good example. Rioting and looting just show the rest of the nation, the peaceful part, that those people are out to steal and destroy, not create better conditions for their families.

Americans need to start standing up to the violent thugs in their midst. Protester or police officer, left or right, we should all recognize the fact that there is no place for Marxist or fascist thugs (BLM and Antifa members) in our society. Those ideologies are evil and ones that America fought against. Everyone in America should immediately disown both those ideologies and the sick people that support them.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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