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Protect Free Speech

The Need to Protect Free Speech:

Yesterday I read a very interesting article on RealClearPolitics about the need to protect free speech. The article, written by Mr. Paul Berkowitz, is called “Defending Democratic Norms requires Defending Free Speech.” Because free speech seems to be a vanishing commodity these days, especially on liberal college campuses, I think it is an article that everyone needs to read.

As the article says, if democracy is to be preserved, we must protect free speech. Especially now that it is disappearing in the public sphere, as I describe in my “Chick fil a meme” post, and college campuses, as I discussed in “Free Speech on College Campuses.”

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Article Summary:

In his article, Mr. Berkowitz articulates why free speech is so important to our society and, therefore, why we must do our utmost to protect free speech. It is the variable that protects democracy. The article states that although the US is still a beacon of democratic norms and free speech, those seem to be slipping away. They are slipping away mainly as a result of what is happening on many university campuses. Free speech is what protects religious and political liberty.

Without it, we can have neither. Yet a vocal minority of students and academics is clamoring for free speech to be done away with. They like the ability to say whatever they might please, no matter how vile, yet they fear the ability of their opponents to do the same. Because of that, they have been pushing to qualify many things as “hate speech.”

The “hate speech” phenomenon is not limited to the US. It is present across the Western world, which the left hates and wants to destroy. As the far-left realizes how indefensible many of its ideas are, especially when confronted with conservative thought, it has pushed to make conservative thoughts “hate speech.” That push against free speech is a huge problem for those who wish to practice their religion as they please, vote as they please, and say what they want to. I find racist speech abhorrent and evil.

I find support of terrorism or communism evil. Why support of both is evil is perfectly explained by Diana West in American Betrayal. Yet the right to speak in support of those things is a crucial right. The flaws and abhorrence of those ideas will be shown by the fast majority speaking out against them. Yet instead of combating ideas through advocating for better ideas, many on the left are trying to make all ideas other than their own illegal. It has happened across Europe already.

Anyone who speaks out against uncontrolled immigration is labeled a racist, as I wrote about in my “Tyranny in Great Britain” post. That is beginning to happen in America too. According to the article, democratic norms have deteriorated as defense of free speech has deteriorated. That deterioration must be stopped.

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My Analysis on Why We Must Protect Free Speech:

I completely agree with the article. Radical leftists have hijacked the conversation about certain ideas in order to further their goal of limiting free speech. They know that their ideas aren’t accepted by most of society. Because of that, they have to force people to accept them. Their way of doing that is making any dissent a “hate crime.”

That might sound extreme, but it’s already beginning to happen. Across Western Europe, conservatives are being jailed for speaking out against mass migration from Muslim nations. That hasn’t happened yet in America, but unless we stand up to those who are against democracy and free-speech, it will. It’s time to stand up and protect free speech.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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