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Pro-Life Actress DEMOLISHES Liz Warren, Leftie Haters after They Attack Her for Offering Pro-Life Alternatives to Abortion

Actress Patricia Heaton is, despite being a well-known Hollywood personality, pro-life. In fact, she’s so pro-life that she even works with a crisis pregnancy center, taking action to help women in difficult situations know that there are alternatives to abortion and that they’ll be helped if they do the right thing and have the child.

So she took exception to Lyin Liz Warren, who attacked crisis pregnancy centers on Twitter, saying:

With Roe gone, it’s more important than ever to crack down on so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that mislead and deceive patients seeking abortion care. My bill with @SenatorMenendez would stop these harmful practices.

So Pocahontas wanted to take her tomahawk to abortion alternatives…sounds about right from a leftist like her.

Heaton wasn’t going to sit quietly and like Pocahontas trash the centers however, so she fired back with a scorching, scathing tweet in response, saying:

Our medical pregnancy clinic serves client families for five years, providing superior services for anyone who asks. We raised $250K for a mobile medical clinic for underserved areas, treating everyone. Because of people like @SenWarren we now have to hire armed security.

So now the baby killers want to kill those who aren’t killing babies, after protesting against troops and calling them “baby-killers” during the Vietnam era. Makes total sense!

But the pro-abortion loons rarely consider the intricacies of the arguments and instead jumped head first into the pool of screeching at Heaton for wanting women to die…or something. It wasn’t really clear why they were so against abortion alternatives, but they absolutely lost their minds and filled her timeline and comments with vicious attacks, to many of which she responded in turn with calm, thoughtful replies.

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One person, for example, said “Is it because those places are notorious for misrepresenting their goals and a woman’s options, thereby negating any concept of “informed consent” for a woman’s full spectrum of options? Nah, couldn’t be that” , to which Heaton replied by saying “No one has ever died from visiting a pregnancy clinic.”

Boom. Leftie talking point #1 trashed.

Then, in response to someone whose account is now private, Heaton fired off another response, saying “Hi Julie, as with all our clients, we prioritize their health and they would get the appropriate treatment. No need to try and denigrate our clinic by putting the word in quotes.

In another case she said “Hello Susie – PP provides no pre or postnatal care for women – do you demand the same of them? Should they provide free ultrasounds, diapers, medical care for pregnant women who want to keep their babies?” after some angry commenter said “If you don’t provide abortion care to women who need it, you’re not providing health care. So get off your high horse and face reality – the Supreme Court did this, not @SenWarren

All in all, it was an excellent example of how much better the arguments against abortion are than for it. All the abortion shills can do is screech about their healthcare opinions and howl at the moon if anyone disagrees.

Pro-choicers like Heaton, on the other, can show how their ideas actually help women and help keep the unborn from being ripped apart in the womb.

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