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Private Innovation and Government Stagnation

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My Thoughts on Private Innovation and Government Stagnation

For some reason, private companies always beat public projects. SpaceX is far better at innovating and sending things to space than NASA ever was. Blackwater performed a stellar job in Iraq, unlike many government agencies involved. And who has heard of a government medical innovation? That’s right, no one. Private innovation and government stagnation are facets of life because private industry beats the government every time they compete.

Big Government socialists like chronic liar Elizabeth Warren would have you believe that the government can solve all of your problems. They want to raise taxes to implement their ridiculous socialist policies, which is flawed for so many reasons.

For one, tax cuts are good for all. They stimulate saving and investing, which is what enables people to avoid a retirement crisis. They allow businesses to invest more in growth. And they give consumers more money to spend on what they want. That’s why it was a huge accomplishment that President Trump cut taxes; they stimulated so much growth. They enabled capitalism to thrive and thus allowed the Trump economy to thrive.

Raising taxes would destroy all of that good work. Money would flow away from entrepreneurs and investors and into the bottomless government pit, where it would be spent on the welfare state and inefficient programs.

Additionally, private innovation and government stagnation are such facets of life because they never change. Industry always beats the government, even when the government was run by the so-called “Best and Brightest.” Limiting private citizen’s ability to innovate would destroy our economy because it would place hope not in the virtuous system of capitalism, with its focus on property rights, but rather in socialism, an ideology that always fails.

Finally, the only reason politicians even propose these ridiculous socialist policies in the first place is because they are trying to bribe voters, and that rent-seeking is one of the biggest causes of the private innovation and government stagnation paradigm.

Other than Hank Johnson, the Georgia Congressman who thought Guam would tip over, most politicians aren’t dumb. They got where they are because they know how to play people. And right now they are bringing us with our own money. Americans need to wake up and recognize that fact.

There is no substitute for capitalism. America won the Cold War because we were more economically free than the Soviet Union, and thus a more just society. Don’t believe me? Then just read Capitalism and Freedom, The Road to Serfdom, and Atlas Shrugged. Or read about how capitalist India is far better than socialist India ever was in The Billionaire Raj. You’ll see why capitalism always beats socialism and private innovation and government stagnation are always facts of life.

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And to be absolutely clear, this whole concept of private innovation and government stagnation will never change, as long as the “old system” of lobbying and politics is in place. As with building the transcontinental railroad, there will always be cretin that hang onto the teat of the government and suck the taxpayer dry, which leaves the government bloated and full of useless programs meant only to give patronage benefits to those with the largest lobbying presence. Private innovation and government stagnation will always be the case because private industry has one motive (or at least it should)- the profit motive. Government, with its hangers-on and useless program, will always be far too bloated to innovate.

Remember that fact, especially when the government promises things. No politicians will be able to overcome the problem of private innovation and government stagnation. Doing so just isn’t in the nature of government- it will grow and grow as long as we feed it and give it attention.

So, what’s the solution? Stop paying attention to the government and trying to fix it up. You won’t be able to do so. Private innovation and government stagnation will always be a fact of life. So, instead of focusing on government as the solver of problems, as, for example, many space exploration advocates do, focus on the private sector. Buy corporate bonds, not government bonds. Work in private industry rather than for the government. Focus on building a business, not a career as a bureaucrat. And, of course, advocate for starving the government of revenue so that its bloated body can’t suffocate innovation from private companies.


Unfortunately, America has shifted away from the unfettered capitalism of the Gilded Age, as described in The Republic for which It Stands, in favor of Big Government socialism. Workers demand not only welfare but also a ridiculous $15 an hour minimum wage. The government takes what it wants and taxes what’s left. People have forgotten how wealth redistribution works. And our businesses are crumbling because of it.

Luckily, President Trump and capitalism might save us from that disastrous economic decline through deregulation, tax cuts, and a recognition of the fact that government can’t innovate. If we allow the “invisible hand” of free markets and free people that Adam Smith describes in The Wealth of Nations to shape our course, then America will be unstoppable. But, if we allow the idiotic socialists on college campuses who don’t even understand socialism or capitalism to determine our economic path, then we are doomed.

Don’t let any Big Government supporters you know forget that the two things always present in society are private innovation and government stagnation. The government has no competitors, so it doesn’t innovate. Private companies, on the other hand, have to innovate if we live in a capitalist (not corporatist!) society. That innovation is what fuels growth and lifts all boats. We just have to let it. Support private innovation over government stagnation!

By: Gen Z Conservative