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President Trump’s Intelligence

President Trump’s Intelligence:

President Trump's Intelligence

My Thought’s on Trump’s Intelligence:

I think that President Donald Trump is a very smart man. Perhaps he is lacking in tact sometimes. But on the whole, he is very smart. The Trump is a moron bit that Democrats and Never Trumpers keep repeating  is amazing to me.

Don’t like him? That’s ok, I can at least understand that. Don’t agree with his policies or beliefs? Again, I disagree but understand why you might disagree. But is he a moron? Trump has built a multi billion dollar fortune, raised 4 kids all of whom are hard working and scandal free despite growing up rich in NY, then wins the Presidency spending 48% less than the “most qualified candidate in history” while being opposed the majority of elected officials including half of of the GOP.

All the while the FBI, CIA and DOJ were illegally trying to derail his campaign. Which in an unrelated note, is one of the reasons why the Mueller report is so dangerous, as I outlined in a recent post.

Then after winning we have the 5.6 million new jobs, the growth of exports, the record high employment and wages among minorities and women, the crushing of ISIS and more. And educated people are convinced that he is a moron? This is the kind of pseudo intellectual Ivy League bull shit that sells for great analysis in the age of TDS. Belief that Trump is a bumbling , stupid fool is the truly moronic position to take. It simply makes no sense.


I like President Donald Trump, so my position on President Trump’s intelligence is obviously biased. But I can’t imagine how anyone thinks that he’s a moron. He’s accomplished so much in life and done so well. Definitely he’s done better than most of the political pundits and intellectuals say that he has.

We conservatives have to start pushing back in American politics against the notion that Trump is an idiot. He is a highly successful businessman, and has had a great record as president so far. I think people should look at his accomplishments when determining his intelligence rather than his 2 am tweets. One is instructive, one isn’t.

My professors say Trump is a bumbling fool. But I know the truth about President Trump’s intelligence: he has accomplished more than they, or many others, ever will combined. He is a smart man.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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