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President Trump on the George Floyd Protests

The Quote by President Trump on the George Floyd Protests:

“My administration will always stand against violence, mayhem, and disorder. We will stand with the family of George Floyd, with the peaceful protesters, and with every law abiding citizen who wants decency, civility, safety, and security.” -President Trump on the George Floyd Protests

My Take

This quote by President Trump on the George Floyd protests is exactly what Americans of both political parties need to hear right now in this time of crisis.

On one hand, Democrats need to see that President Trump is not a racist and is, in fact, a good president and good man that desperately wants to help all Americans. Before the violent and absurd events of the past few days, the ones discussed in these comments by President Trump on the George Floyd protests, Trump and his administration were doing everything in their power to build up the areas currently wracked by protests.

He unleashed capitalism to help defeat the poverty that has defined those inner-city communities for generations because he knows that the war on poverty failed due to its focus on Big Government spending rather than free-market capitalism,

So, despite what the left might say about his “looting will lead to shooting” comments, President Trump isn’t some violent racist who wants to oppress the black communities that are currently rioting. Instead, he wants to help the law-abiding residents of those communities by preserving stability and the rule of law within them. They’re right to be angry about the murder of George Floyd, which is why, in this quote by President Trump on the George Floyd protests, he takes pains to state that he sides with the Floyd family and peaceful protesters. They are in the right and he sees where they’re coming from; police brutality is a major problem and Democrats need to see that Trump knows that.

On the other side of things, Republicans need to read these comments by President Trump on the George Floyd protests so they see that, whatever his support of the peaceful protesters, they know Trump still stands for law and order. Being angry about a social issue is one thing. Burning down and looting a town and destroying the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of small business owners is completely unacceptable. Order must be restored as soon as possible, otherwise many more lives will be ruined.

The Republican Party has traditionally been the party of law and order; Trump still represents that viewpoint. He just wants to help also solve the policing problem that afflicts many communities across America, rural, urban, and suburban alike.

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Those two views can be reconciled, especially by someone like President Trump. Americans are tired of being over-policed and having their lives ruined, if not ended early, by overzealous police officers enforcing ridiculous laws with the maximum amount of force possible. Non-violent drug offenders locked up for decades, suspects having their homes raided and family members shot because of suspicions of weapon or drug crimes, and men that may or may not have been guilty being strangled on the side of the street are all events that have become far too common in America. Even worse, many Americans don’t even support those laws, as described in Narconomics.

Republicans are waking up to that fact, as shown by these comments by President Trump on the George Floyd protests. If Trump can maintain law and order and stop the evil rioters while also fixing those policing problems, maybe Republicans can once again gain a national consensus on their policies by attracting more black Republicans like Kanye West to their side.

By: Gen Z Conservative