October 27, 2020

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Donald Trump on adversity

President Trump on Adversity

The Quote by President Trump on Adversity

“Americans always rise to the challenge and overcome adversity. Our future remains brighter than anyone can imagine.” -President Trump on Adversity

My Take on the Trump Quote

As I think the above quote by President Trump on adversity and the Chinese flu show, his leadership in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic has been one of his finest moments. In the face of unrelenting bad news, diabolically negative and misleading media coverage of the sort described by Andrew Breitbart in Righteous Indignation, and a lack of reputable information about the virus, President Trump has stood firm and given Americans hope.

I think that what Trump does well in this quote is put the virus in historical perspective; we Americans have always stood firm in the face of challenges and eventually triumphed. We won the American Revolution despite fighting a superpower that hired mercenaries. In World War II, we recovered from surprise attacks across the Pacific, as described by General MacArthur in Reminiscences, and and eventually triumphed both there and in Europe. We used capitalism to fight poverty and ingenuity to beat back diseases that had plagued humanity for centuries. In short, Americans always “rise to the challenge” and handle adversity well.

Unfortunately, far too few Americans realize that. Yes, days like these are a situation Thomas Paine might have had in mind in his “the times that try men’s souls” quotation. Beating back the China flu while still respecting natural rights will prove to be a challenge. But, this isn’t the end of the world. Americans will do what they always do and, after being guided by Trump’s leadership, rise to the challenge.

President Trump has been a successful president not because of his eloquence, he certainly sounds like a typical New Yorker, but because of his leadership by example. Whatever the crisis- Iranian aggression, Chinese malfeasance, Democrat corruption– Trump has remained firm and shown Americans how to regain the confidence necessary to stand up for themselves.

America will best this problem as it has bested every other problem thrown its way. We just need leaders like Trump to lead by example and stand firm so that we aren’t ruled by fear, but rather by courage.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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