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Meme: I’d Prefer the Mean Tweets

Wouldn’t you rather have mean tweets and a good president than whatever this current joke of a presidential administration is?

Trump might have offended and/or scared moderates. He might have been “mean” to some people, both in real life and on Twitter. He belittled his opponents, never apologized, and was utterly unrepentant.

Now, I think those qualities were strengths, not weaknesses. In my view, the sort of leader our republic needs is a brash, get-it-done type. Not a weak, snivelling, Paul Ryan type that might be conservative, but never fights in the no-holds-barred way that is necessary.

However, I get that some people were put off by Trump. His tweets were sometimes mean, and to those of softer constitution or more refined tastes, that was unacceptable. They’d rather lose with dignity and grace than win by slinging mud. Fine, that’s their demented view and they’re sticking to it.

But how is what we currently have better than Trump?

Answer me that, silk stockinged Republicans and “moderate Dems.”

How are chaos and disaster in Afghanistan, rampant inflation, and disgrace on the world stage better than a few mean tweets?

Are you really so self-centred that you’d prefer to let the world, including your homeland, burn rather than have to occasionally see a tweet with a tone you’d prefer to be a bit softer?

If so, you’re a joke of a human, a waste of carbon. Trump was a winner and he made America a winning country again. Joe is a loser that has turned America into a losing nation once again. You should have chosen the mean tweets.

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