Bold Predictions for 2022: Everything Is About To Change

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Covid Pandemic – The pandemic becomes endemic, and the new normal will be 4- 6 Covid related vaccines annually. Live with Covid as a seasonal influenza-type occurrence that can still spike on cue requiring draconian measures, will become the political narrative. This reprieve will be short-lived as another pathogen emerges or possibly re-emerging smallpox. The Great Reset globalists will make their final move once the majority of citizens are demoralized, beaten down, exhausted, and beg for the chains that will bind them for a sense of stability. The remaining minority will continue to drive the red pill messaging and, if successful, will lead to monumental regime changes globally by 2024. If this power reversal comes to fruition, the world will witness a second Nuremberg modeled World Court convene on Crimes Against Humanity. If the majority continue to capitulate to authoritarian regimes, it will usher in decades of global slavery to the state and loss of both the sovereign human and country.

The Great Reset – If The majority resists awakening, we will all be subject to becoming distilled down to a digital footprint. Everything we do will be tracked, and our physical movement, financial freedoms, and quality of life will be punitively restricted under a new social credit scoring system. Under this scenario, there will be a mandated microchipping of the human body.

Global Universal Healthcare System – The final straw of a new threat of pathogen in collaboration with the Great Reset will include a move to a one-world healthcare system. This will require all citizens to participate under global universal healthcare, regulatory compliance, and control of health outcomes by non-elected governance.

Cataclysmic Electrical Grid Event – If the new pandemic route is not chosen by the global elite as a progression to capture control and obedience of citizenry to reinvent economic and societal norms (the Great Reset) – an event under the guise of terrorism may be chosen. An EMP attack taking out the Eastern Seaboard would be effective in the complete destruction of economic and government pillars (Wall Street and DC) and create panic, chaos, and death of epic proportions. 

Financial Markets/USA Economy – The Labor Participation Rate stays low, and unemployment will remain an issue for Mainstreet. Inflation is here to stay, and additional stimulus will be hard to pass. The Feds will be forced to start tapering more with 3 interest rate hikes in 2022. The markets will pass 40,000 but only momentarily before suffering a 35% dip midyear. 2022 will be a flat year for investments. Asset bubbles will begin to burst. The first to blow will be housing and student loans. Wages will rise slightly but will get zeroed out by the increasing cost of living. Housing will start to crater in the fall, and by March 2023 housing prices will be down 30%, but interest rates will be over 9%. Food, Energy, and goods will continue to skyrocket in price, and we will be staring down a true Great Depression with little to no choices monetarily. 

While the Fourth Revolution technologies will start to emerge the left-wing government tax and regulatory policy will crush MainStreet’s benefits from positive outcomes. Venture Capital will remain offshore once again or invest in other global economies. Collapsing energy, healthcare, and supply chain markets will only quicken the economic fall.

Hybrid Office/Home Employment, 4-day work weeks, and UBI will make
2022 the year of great resignations. AI will also expand into our workforce, and Open border policies will continue to flood the zone with cheap labor. This perfect storm will worsen the economic output and increase income inequities, as well as social dysfunction /drug/mental health issues.

Global Economies – Currency debasement to boost post-Covid “pandemic” economies (the Great Reset)will fuel Inflation. However, by mid-2022, it may begin to plateau. Though many economies will print moderate GDP gains, when adjusted for inflation, growth in most economies will be flat – even negative. Income inequality will widen, and this phenomenon will accelerate potential social conflict. If Biden’s BBB agenda and other global plans are not blocked, we could experience a massive global hyper-inflationary environment. This will launch the new global economic and social reset.

Specific countries to watch will be China, Japan, and the European Union for significant economic crises, brought on by their burgeoning debt and its subsequent credit default risks that will spread across the globe by late 2022. The threat of a global significant recession looms. Though all currencies are being debased, the US will still remain the cleanest shirt in the laundry – this will be Dollar positive relative to other currencies but weak nonetheless. Watch the USD/JPY cross as the canary in the coal mine. Historical this currency cross signals major shifts in global economies – it is starting to make a multi-year breakout.

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Geopolitics – Under a weak Biden administration, the alliance between China and Russia will strengthen. Putin will not officially invade Ukraine as Biden and NATO will defacto make doing so moot. Biden/NATO will guarantee Ukraine will not become a member of NATO, and the Nord Stream 2 will proceed unencumbered by sanctions. 

President Xi Jinping will be re-elected, solidifying CCP’s iron-fisted authoritarian system. Structural problems stemming from the transition from export-led growth to domestic consumption will ding China’s Belt and Road Initiative, but we will see no reverse its aggressive strategy in the South China Sea. For now, Xi will bask in the decline of America and not make a military move against Taiwan in 2022. A diplomatic takeover with a Hong Kong-like agreement under the threat of military action is in play. Xi will cement his legacy as the most powerful world leader as long as there is no leadership in the oval to stop him. This includes continued expansion into the Northern Triangle and using Iran and North Korea by proxy as bad actors.

The “Iran Nuclear Deal” has failed. Israel will act against Iran to mitigate nuclear breakout – bank on it. Mahmoud Abbas will no longer represent the PLO or the Palestinian State Authority. Lebanon will further see an economic crisis and break apart culturally. Afghanistan will become like Libya, a failed state, which will be the number one haven and training ground for terrorists in 2022.

UK’s Boris Johnson will lose power in 2022. French President, Emmanuel Macron, squeaks out a win and is re-elected. But with ongoing economic issues brought on by Covid and poor government policy, Europe will be seething with constant and sometimes violent protests. The frequency of small paramilitary groups form from various ideologies and emerge in low-level street wars among themselves and police authorities to further add to government and cultural instability. Germany and Italy will have a steep decline in economic growth unexpectedly and political unrest more prevalent.

If Japan plays its cards right, it will see moderate economic growth in 2022 and stay out of China’s wake holding its breath until the West gains sanity and leadership again.

Australia continues to descend into a fascist state as it is the beta test for the globalist’s great reset plan. Whether Aussies will be the victor is still undetermined.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban will win again in Hungary, which will mark the conservative movement’s ascendency across Europe in the decade ahead.

Science and Technology – Continued awe-inspiring advances in space exploration will occur, though a potential significant space accident (e.g., colliding space vehicles with space junk) will happen that could temporarily halt this advancement. Expect ESA and NASA to attempt to divert an asteroid, or piece of one, out of its orbit. SpaceX’s StarLink and Blue Origin and Amazon’s Project Kuiper will launch thousands of low orbit satellites into the atmosphere in 2022. Both cornering the space tourism market and trying to bring fast, reliable broadband internet at a reasonable price to every corner of the planet. 

The electric car revolution is here. Tesla Model Y compact SUV will become the bestselling vehicle worldwide in terms of revenue in 2022. 

Facebook will begin to roll out their Metaverse, which will be all the buzz in 2022 while competitors also emerge making the leap to transhumanism goals even more pressing.

Perhaps some of the biggest shockers in science and technology will be in the area of Biogenetics. For sure, some positive innovations will occur, especially in the medical field – others not. For example, China is already working in the questionable Biogenetics field, as are others – even clandestine well finance groups – the scientific field is not currently well regulated or enforced. New technologies could emerge that involve making potential Chimera organisms. Even new bio-weapons that target specific demographics. Covid has opened this Pandora’s box.

Blockchain structure was always what was significant about crypto and essential to the Great Reset’s goal of everyone existing in only a digital signature. These technological shifts to smart- grid- digital will intensify in 2022.

Suicides – 2022 will see a 12% increase in suicides.

Drug addiction – 2022 will see a 15% increase in drug overdoses.

Joe Biden – Barring any health emergency or unforeseen circumstances, Biden survives 2022 but will suddenly announce he is stepping down at the start of 2023. Biden will not be leaving office with Kamala Harris assuming the presidency. His RCP average will poll at 39% as he leaves office.

Kamala Harris – will announce she is stepping down as Vice President close to the 2022 Midterms. Biden will then announce Pete Buttigieg or Hillary Clinton as his choice for Vice President. Harris’s RCP average poll number will cement Harris’s legacy as the least popular VP on record.

SCOTUS – There will be an unexpected and shocking retirement or sudden vacancy on the Supreme Court in 2022. Biden will announce either Kamala Harris or Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as his nominee. Either would be the first black female Justice on the court. The Democrats will not move to expand the court ( Stack) before the 2022 Midterms, and only if they somehow maintain both houses of Congress will they move to pack courts after Midterms. 

Governor of California – If Kamala Harris does step down from VP, but Biden does not nominate for SCOTUS, the Democrat machine will clear a path as in Quid Pro Quo for her to become Governor of California.

Filibuster – The Democrats, right before the 2022 election, continued the nuclear option to blow the filibuster to approve Biden’s VP replacement and SCOTUS nominee.

 Liz Cheney – will be on the stage as a candidate in the Republican Party Presidential 2024 primaries. But she will be forced to drop out before Super Tuesday.

2022 Midterm Elections – Despite massive fraud, the Republicans win the House with 236 seats and narrowly win the Senate by one seat. The 2022 midterms will be the largest turnout in midterm history. Democrats will continue to announce retirements and those not seeking reelection. There will be more than 30 Democrats who will not run in 2022.

2024 Early Candidate Announcements- 


Trump announces he is running.

It is still Donald Trump’s to lose in 2024, but that certainly is not in stone and is entirely dependent on how he handles the vaccine narrative going forward. Mike Pence does not enter the 2024 presidential race. Contenders that will make it to the final five, and or onto a GOP Ticket as Vice President: Ron Desantis, Ted Cruz Kristi Noem, Tim Scott, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Josh Hawley, and Sarah Palin. If Desantis does not enter the fray, it is a good bet the deal is done, and he is on the Trump Ticket. So the question is will he run for the top or bottom of the ticket? If Desantis decides to run against Trump, which is a big if, he will choose alignment with Cruz or Noem. Cruz garnered the largest number of votes in the Republican Party behind Trump, and a Desantis/Cruz ticket would be a formidable ticket. A DeSantis/Noem ticket would have a good chance as well. But, If Cruz runs for the top of the ticket only he will not win the nomination. If Trump wants Desantis, and it appears he does and cannot have him, he will pivot to a Trump/Scott or Trump/ Noem ticket.

Here is the wildcard: By the end of 2022 many voters will be awake to the truths about the vaccines, and if Trump remains steadfast on his stance that he champions them and refuses to pivot, a lane opens up for the candidate who can run counter that glaring flaw. This candidate had to maintain anti-vax or at least suspect throughout Covid, and well Desantis never mandated, but he did highly recommend vaccinations. This candidate has to be a bonafide populist who has the conservative policy agenda credibility, energy, and charisma that Trump commands. And yes, this candidate must be somewhat polarizing with an edge who can be a catalyst to transformative change for what will be by them an even more wounded country. Most importantly, it must be someone who is vetted to the hilt already, so all baggage is baked into the cake. That wildcard is Sarah Palin. A Palin/Hawley ticket or an all-female ticket like Palin/Noem would shake the political system to its core.


Biden does not run in 2024 period, and this is announced in 2022.

By the end of 2022 here are the candidates that will announce their intentions to run in 2024: Hillary Clinton, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Mitch Landrieu, Stacy Abrams, Gavin Newsome, and Corey Booker. More will enter the race but not in 2022. The ticket to beat is Clinton/Abrams. The wildcard ticket is Buttigieg/ Warren or Buttigieg /AOC.

Caveat: The Truly Independent Ticket:

Joe Manchin will run in 2024, will he announce in 2022 is still up in the air. Will he do as Bernie Sanders and run as an Independent within the framework of the DNC as the Democrat Nominee? Or will he win on an Independent party platform? Wildcard and very winnable ticket would be Manchin/Gabbard ticket.

BLM will rebrand themselves, and the DNC will throw the LGBTQplus community under the bus to attempt to salvage the Black and Hispanic vote.

Pelosi’s Jan.6 Commission – will not move the political voter dial in either direction, and the DOJ will not indict a single committee’s criminal referral.

John Durham – Special Counsel will announce four more new indictments in 2022, which will include one indictment of a former state government agency head of a foreign government, two indictments from the Justice Department (former employees), and one indictment of a DNC highly placed campaign operative. There will be no indictments of Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Biden, Obama, or either Clintons expected this year.

Civil War – America is already in a civil war of sorts, and it will only continue. Red States v. Blue States, where battle lines are drawn economically and culturally. Blue cities will continue to look like Mad Max zones as violence, homelessness, and poverty overrun the population. Mass exodus to red states will continue for economic freedoms, security, education, and cultural beliefs.

Mississippi Abortion law is upheld by SCOTUS 6-3, essentially changing RvW.

Biden’s OSHA mandate will be struck down as unconstitutional by a narrow 5-4 vote victory. 

CRT Activists go dormant until 2023

Ghislaine Maxwell – Will not give up names for lighter sentencing and will meet the same end as Epstein.

Truth Social – Trump’s latest social media company will become the number one social media platform on the market by the end of 2022.

Unexplained deaths and illness in younger populations:

The noted uptick in death rates will continue to spike in 2022, and covering up the vaccine injury component will become less effective.


Nuclear incident.

Massive food Shortages.

Solar flare knocks out 1/4 earth’s grid.

A Supervolcano erupts.

Biological warfare epic scale.

It might not be a rosy picture but remember, all new years hold possibilities for positive outcomes.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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