Woke Pope Silent on the Genocide of the Uighurs in Christmas Message

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Though the woke pope might have demanded that Viktor Orban take in rampaging hordes of migrants, he’s decidedly less concerned about China’s campaign of genocide against the Uighurs.

That’s though the pinko Pope’s Christmas address contains references to violence in places like the Sudan and Ethiopia, saying:

Prince of Peace, help Ethiopia to find once again the path of reconciliation and peace through a forthright encounter that places the needs of the people above all else. Listen to the plea of those living in the Sahel region, who experience the violence of international terrorism. Turn your gaze to the peoples of the countries of North Africa, tormented by divisions, unemployment and economic inequality. Alleviate the pain of our many brothers and sisters who suffer from internal conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan.

In fact, the Pope touches on just about every conflict zone or horrific hotspot other than China, also saying:

Baby Jesus, grant peace and concord to the Middle East and the whole world. Sustain all those who provide humanitarian aid to peoples forced to flee from their homelands; comfort the Afghan people, who for more than forty years have been sorely tested by conflicts that have driven many to leave the country.

King of all peoples, help political authorities bring peace to societies roiled by tension and conflict. Sustain the people of Myanmar, where intolerance and violence not infrequently target the Christian community and its places of worship, clouding the peaceful countenance of that people.

Be a source of light and support for all those who believe in and strive, despite all obstacles, to advance encounter and dialogue. In Ukraine, prevent fresh outbreaks of a long-festering conflict.

[…]Do not leave us indifferent before the tragic situation of migrants, displaced persons and refugees. Their eyes beg us not to look the other way, ignoring our common humanity, but instead to make their stories our own and to be mindful of their plight.

From the Middle East to Myanmar, most of the worst areas of the world are mentioned. But not one. One issue is entirely left out: China’s genocide of the Uighurs.

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Apparently, the Pope, who felt the need to touch on Ukraine despite that whole “looming conflict” being little more than the fever dream of the Pantsuit Empire, didn’t see it as important to pray for those subject to the genocidal impulses of the Red Chinese.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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