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Poll: Who Should Run in 2024?

5 thoughts on “Poll: Who Should Run in 2024?”

  1. The oh so obvious solution is for DeSantis to get Trump on board as VP.
    As VP he’d still be privy to needed juicy details, could have less daily duties on his plate freeing him up for pet projects, and wouldn’t have the authority as CIC to give adult-babies nightmares.
    Too many (to confidently claim an electoral win) will object to a second term for President Trump, but those same objections wilt if he’s VP.
    Trump-or-bust voters would likely accept his ascendancy to VP in place of CIC as he will still have a big mouthpiece and some time off the bench.
    The only big IF in the cards is whether he’d be willing to play 2nd fiddle to a career politician.

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