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Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes: Here’s What Happened When Leftists Tried Blocking This Yuge Truck [WATCH]

A mob of angry protesters in Seattle, furious that they can no longer murder babies in the womb if they ever live in red states and are unable to travel (the Pacific Northwest is hardly likely to change its abortion laws in the wake of the Dobbs decision), went wild over the weekend, going crazy attacking its enemies before finding out what happens when you mess with those you should have left alone.

Showing what was going on in that hellhole of a city, here are a few videos:

Louder with Crowder described the bottom video in a funny way, saying:

An angry mob of pro-abortion progressives confused over the Supreme Court ruling marched in the streets of Seattle. If they understood Friday’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, they would know abortion is as legal as it always will be in Seattle. But it was a Friday night, and it’s not like they had girls to date, so they took to the streets, where a group of white progressive males attacked a pepper-sprayed a peaceful FEMALE pro-life counter-protestor.

The Post Millennial‘s Katie Daviscourt (who does excellent work) was on the scene and caught one of the pro-abortion activists trying to pepper spray the pro-lifer early on. The girl was holding a sign that said: “Life Wins.” The male protester couldn’t figure out how the pepper spray worked.

So it’s not exactly the brightest baby-killing bulbs with which we’re dealing. More like the ones flickering with just occasional dashes of life and brightness, if anything.

But even dumber than the guy unable to figure out pepper spray, an item meant to be so easy to use that it can be whipped out and sprayed during the adrenaline-pulsing events of a mugging, rape, or other attack, were the people unable to figure out that standing in front of a truck was a bad idea.

Some guy was just attempting to get from A to B in Iowa (so we’ve moved from the insane Pacific Northwest to the at least somewhat more sane midwest), driving around the city as anyone should be able to do without being mobbed by blue hairs.

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But, of course, the blue hairs were out in force and so mobbed his car, acting like soy-fed zombies “protesting” Dobbs by mobbing some guy’s car.

So he taught them why doing so is a bad idea, as this video shows:

Leftists screaming like banshees, some guy just trying to get from A to B as they lose their minds and mob his car…yeah, sounds like Biden’s America.

And, of course, the leftists who got in the truck’s way were predictably unwilling to own up to the consequences of their actions later on…the “defund the police” leftists went ahead and called the cops.

One of them got a broken foot out of the incident, all had the opportunity to learn that getting in front of a multi-ton truck isn’t a great idea.

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