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This Was Planned From the Beginning

I was reading an article by Daniel Payne in ‘Just the News’  in which he said that vaccines were being promoted by authorities since early 2020. Soon after, these same authorities discussed a way to track and trace the vaccinated population, next vaccine passports were discussed. Not to be upstaged, Bill Gates is saying that lockdowns could continue into 2022.

Wait, what? What the hell does this nerd have to do with lockdowns unless he has convinced the powers that be (or maybe he is the ‘powers that be’) that we should be shut in our houses until he is ready to chip-vax the world. Will he wait for the Central Banks to destroy currency worldwide, or will that be part of the takedown?

I would like to feature ‘Just the News’ again with an interview with Evan Sayet by John Solomon. The interview covers the territory in which the socialist left has encroached on American freedom and individual liberty, in other words everything. And by suppressing or freedom of speech and excluding our voice from social media, has locked us into a ghetto of seclusion where we have no say in the future. I encourage everyone to watch this video, and all of Evans Work, I just ordered his new book  ‘The Woke Supremacy‘ and will review it as soon as I read it. Here are both the podcast and the book:

I will tie these two thoughts together, but first, let me set up my thought.

First, I noticed that in early 2020 we started hearing about Chinese citizens dying from a pathogen they picked up in a wet market. Wet market just means they sell meats and vegetables as opposed to goods like clothes.

Several days later we were witness to images on the television, allegedly of Chinese authorities welding the doors to apartments closed, with the tenants still inside. Not much context no real explanation except this was a response to a ‘pandemic’, a disease that is global in scale. It was definitely scary stuff and, in hindsight, I believe that the timing and the method of disseminating these images, short grainy clips, was designed to cause maximum fear.

No one knew the truth. China, notoriously tight-lipped with information were happy with the wet market story and let it run even though the level 5 virology lab right down the road was a much more likely explanation.

The next thing that I heard on the television news was Californian politicians Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein proclaiming that St Patrick Day would happen despite Europe’s flu and Mayor DeBlasio of NY welcoming Europeans and Chinese tourists to NY for St. Patricks’ Day and Chinese New Year despite Ireland shutting down their festivities.

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China, as opposed to many European nations, was still encouraging emigration. Trump, by now, had put restrictions on travel from China and the affected countries in Europe. Of course, at this same time, all of the Dems were screaming that Trump was an evil bigot for not allowing these poor Chinese to come to America and not being able to celebrate their New Year. Later this proved to be instrumental to the narrative when MSM news failed to report those facts despite a concerted effort by conservative reporters and the Not-Leftist news.

Jump ahead 2 months and the MSM were wall to wall blaming Trump for not closing the borders sooner and being the man solely responsible for killing millions. Whenever there is that much hyperbole from one side during a public crisis, you can look to the side making the claim to be at least partially to blame. Deflection and distraction until the next news cycle and gin up another storyline to keep the distraction going are hallmarks of a guilty party. This wouldn’t work if we had an honest media to counter the misinformation and outright lies that are presented as fact and then retracted in small print on page A16 underneath a man bites dog article.

It is in ‘Rules for Radicals‘ by Bill Ayers, Hillary Clinton’s mentor; accuse your enemy of that which you are yourself doing.

It would be in the CCP handbook, but they don’t have a handbook and don’t print retractions

I, as a Trump supporter, immediately smelled a rat. After three 3 years of non-stop, wall-to-wall, vicious, anti-Trump “reporting” on every scandal the Dems could dream up and impeachment by the House of Representatives  and a trial in the Senate the President was acquitted on all counts and media credibility was destroyed. The most rabid anti-Executive Branch Congress since Andrew Jackson had spent 40 to 50 million taxpayer dollars on the Mueller investigation and impeachment and came up empty. But wait, a virus out of China, our biggest global competitor for military and technological dominance; that’s something the perfidious Democrats could use.

So when I say I smelled a rat, I smelled a Hillary Clinton level, Deep State RAT. I cannot claim to have any proof aside from the several hours Hillary spent ‘not available for comment’ after her crushing defeat and the pernicious way the entire Liberal establishment moved as one to slander and hobble the legitimately elected leader of the free world, when, it should be noted, there was no collusion, there were no skeletons in the closet, and he was scandal-free. Is Hillary, well known as a Globalist, enough of a saint not to cut a deal with the Chinese to defeat her political enemy and usher in a global governance scheme? Not psychotic enough to want revenge at any cost? I don’t honestly know.

After the 2015 Trump win, Hillary Clinton declined to give a concession speech for nearly 10 hours. Her campaign said she wanted a full vote count but the election was called at 1:30, the outcome was assured an hour earlier and the champagne was already flowing in Republican precincts all over the country. It was also speculated that she was ‘exhausted’ after a grueling night but I can’t imagine not having enough adrenaline coursing in her veins to power both the Podesta brothers and James Alifantis.  Also, I don’t see exhausted little Hillary slinking off to cry in her beer and grab some sleep. No. I see her screaming, throwing things, blaming everyone else in the world, and plotting her next move. I cannot see her crying into her pillow.

When she, Hillary Clinton, finally emerged from the bunker on election night 2015, ostensibly to concede the defeat, I surmise she and her handlers already were deploying a comprehensive plan to thwart the ‘Hillary for Prison’ agenda. Ten days later The Charlie Hebdo site and several other terrorist attacks occurred in France and consumed the news. There is no way to tie Hillary’s absence from what was to be her victory party and the terrorist attacks on another continent but you must remember the CIA takes an interest in these sorts of things

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Afterward, for three long years, we were subjected to hypocritical Democrats in Congress, the media, and Hollywood disparaging our choice to lead the country and while it also disparaged us “deplorables.” That is a term Hillary herself used to describe the Americans living between the coasts and beneath her contempt. So, do I think she would pull out all the stops to deny us deplorables any ability to shape the country? YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO. But that is just me.

The Democrats and the left generally obviously feel they are our betters and if they have to deal with us at all it should be in a manner where we do what we are told to keep food on their tables their mansions built and their silver polished to perfection. They have not spent their time raising families, going to church, going to bingo, contributing to charities to help people.

No, they have spent their time amassing power so as to be able to tell us what to do so they can enrich themselves and their friends and force us to live with the consequences. When we are told we have to live with a smaller footprint to ‘save the planet’ do you see Al Gore (5 mansions), James Cameron, Robert DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Chrissy Teigen, and the other climate change alarmists living with a smaller footprint or just scolding us for living our ‘not over the top’ lifestyles?

And if you want to get the other side of the discussion, not the hair – on – fire, the world is ending in 5, 10, 15 years if you don’t do as your told narrative read, ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’ by Marc Morano and watch the movies ‘Climate Hustle 1 & 2’

If there is one thing that is undeniable, it is that President Trump weathered a heretofore unseen collection of forces allied against his presidency. Of course, there was the Democratic party opposition and their minions in Hollywood and the press, but we had a large section of the Republican party who had seemed to settle into a managed decline into ‘The Chinese Century’  until the Trump win upset everyone’s apple cart.

It seems that the only group pleased with the unexpected win was the Americans who had gone to work or to school where they were proud to walk by the American flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and went home at night where they would fall asleep sometime after Johnny Carson’s monologue, wake in the morning to do it again. We found out years later that Carson was deeply liberal but you didn’t know that from watching him on TV. Politics was not a contact sport, consuming some people all day every day and happily looking for ways to destroy their fellow Americans to promote an increasingly socialist agenda.

Now to the next point.

I feel sure the first problem of politicians has to do with Chinese money. American businessmen, politicians, educators, and scientists have been selling the US to the CCP for years. Politicians from Eric Swalwell to Diane Feinstein have employed or slept with Chinese spies going back decades. The Confucius Institute is a fixture on major college campuses’ and infiltrates and influences thought and the curriculum. You can read more here:

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It is with this in mind and facts like our Covid Tsar Dr. Fauci having an interest in and funneling lots of money to the very same Wuhan lab that was the victim of (or allowed) a virus escape. It is somewhat troubling and mildly coincidental that when all other avenues of getting rid of Donald John Trump failed, a BatFlu escaped the top-level CCP virology lab (or somewhere in the immediate vicinity) a lab that was also in a financial arraignment with someone who happened to be in charge of our health infrastructure.

Dr. Anthony Fauci also guided our pandemic response by first saying that masks were useless when worn by the public and following that up with, masks are useful and maybe it is better to ‘double mask’. Somewhere around this time he was seen at a baseball game, maskless and sitting next to his friends drinking beer.

I have no problem with baseball, drinking beer, or any combination of the two, but where I do have a problem is our ‘betters’ giving us strict mandates that they know are so specious they ignore them when they think they won’t get caught. If this virus is deadly enough to destroy our country you would think the doctor would be very careful. For my money the little fachime (fascist) doctor may A fa Nabila (go to hell).

Which brings me to another point. If the Covid, which has ruined more small businesses than overzealous tax audits, were as deadly as we are coerced to believe, there would be yellow trashcan liners with toxic warnings and CDC cops picking up all the masks that are casually thrown on the ground. They would have embraced anything that would cure or mitigate the disease, especially a drug that has been used cheaply, safely, extensively for decades, Hydroxychloroquine.

But as soon as this drug was suggested the MSM reported it to be the worst possible thing that would only be suggested by an evil misogynistic moron who was trying to kill black people, Trump. To date thousands of doctors and nurses around the world have gone against their masters at the CDC and the WHO to promote this safe and effective, and inexpensive cure, by writing articles, making videos and speaking tours that are poo-pooed by the establishment and media if not simply ignored.

Which leads me to believe that the people who are really opposed to this treatment are the people that stand to make multiple fortunes from the creation, production and pipelining of a new drug, the pharmaceutical companies. The same multi-platform, multi-national Leviathans that Trump railed against from the beginning of his campaign who, when advertising a cure for heartburn, have a disclaimer so long it takes 10 seconds to read at 3x speed that usually ends with “could be fatal”.

Which brings me to another point.

The powers that be have marshalled all the force they can against ‘us the citizens’ to funnel us into virtual sheep pens to mill around and wait for a vaccine or a signal from government to resume living, or to clean up the dead depending on the circumstance. If what I fear from the vax Nazi’s is true, this is just the beginning of a multi-generational assault on our dermis’ integrity.  I readily admit, when the WuFlu escaped from China, and everyone didn’t immediately keel over like in ‘The Andromeda Strain’ , a 1969/71 book/ movie about a killer virus, I thought that China had released the Agenda 2030 pathogen before it was ready, trying to stop Trump from being reelected and it was just a trial run at depopulation. I have toned down these thoughts, but in the first days of a pandemic when you are watching countries force stay at home protocols and weld people into their homes, you have to imagine the worst.

I have a back story on Agenda 21/2030; around 1992 when I first heard about smart meters in relation to selling excess wind and solar generated power back to the utilities. In that article they mentioned that they would also be able to stop or decrease the amount of power you were allotted as per government whim. Your electric power would be turned down if they didn’t like your amount of usage or needed your electricity for something else, and would only have to turn a dial at the local step down facility.

After buying a propane heater and several tanks of LP I started to look into this development further.

Almost immediately I found material from Tom DeWeese, a former Congressman and his organization American Policy Center. Here I learned about sustainable development and ‘The Planners’ plans to crowd us all into cities and denude us of our personal property rights and single family homes. Coerce us to use public transportation and crowd the city streets with bike lanes. All made much easier if you have decreased the population by 95%.

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Now to try and tie all of this together.

It is a full court press from every single venue the Deep State controls. For those not fluent in basketball-ese; basketball is a game that has 5  people on a side (there are variations that have less or more but for the sake of this discussion) a full-court press happens when the defensive team feels it necessary to gain possession of the ball in a hurry and instead of waiting for the offensive team to come down to their end of the court they put pressure on before the ball is even in play. Furthermore they will ‘double team’ the man with the ball leaving one man unguarded. Which makes it imperative for the team on offense to find a creative way to move the ball downcourt.

Getting back to the current situation, the election of Donald Trump surprised EVERYONE and the reason I know it was so unforeseen is that when the Deep State, Global Communism candidate, Hillary Clinton was rejected she went into hiding for several hours, not to collect herself for the cameras (can anyone imagine Hilldawg crying inconsolably?) but to pow wow with her handlers. After the inevitable blaming of everyone but herself

A quick aside, if there is justice in this world we will one day be treated to a transcript or a recording of what occurred that night.

So when you look at the players aligned against the American people, and a form of gov’t that espouses personal liberty and self-determination; Global Communism, Deep State political interests, Big Corporations, Big pharma, Bill Gates and other Eugenicists you really have to admire his ability to marshal enough forces to accomplish what he did and hopefully will continue to do, but everyone working against a free humanity, have nothing to lose.

Win, lose, or draw, except for a few sacrificial lambs the big players in this drama will always live to fight another day. They are the Rothschilds, Rockefeller Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Bill Gates Foundation, and all the Globalist one-world powers that want to dilute the individual’s freedom by creating a 6 billion person pool with them as the only authority. Like creating gargantuan pools of imaginary money dilutes the value of each monetary unit.

If the Leviathan wins, all these people who have been usurping our rights will be like the leaders of the Communist Party they will live the good life while we are not. Innovation will dry up and they will be overseeing a declining Empire until there hollowed out structure will collapse ala the Soviet Union. The CCP has been living off of stolen intellectual property. Think about it, we financed our easy money policies buy selling our future in the form of ever increasing debt and the product of our think tanks to them and they spent our debt to build uninhabited cities and roads to access people who aren’t interested in the stuff they sell or won’t be able to afford it once America is gone.

If Bill Gates and the Agenda 2030 crowd achieve a 95% population reduction and get rid of protein for food and all of the stuff they are proposing, I give them 50 years tops before something comes along that their bodies can’t fight and science cannot fix.

After the Age of Enlightenment led to The French Revolution and the Reign of Terror and Napoleon on one side and The American Revolution, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton and the freest fairest society in the history of the planet on the other it is probably inevitable that the absolutely stupidest theories of egalitarianism and ‘Woke Supremacy’ will have to be born before the world has a chance to rebirth itself again.

Or in the words of Yoda

“Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.” – Yoda 27. “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not.”

Another point I’d like to make

On the run up to the election where a seemingly outsider candidate running for his first political office as President of the United States, and won, against every prediction of every predictor on Earth except one. This man who called the winner with such confidence was known to me as someone who did financial predictions, I won’t mention his employer, although some may know them, because that is not relevant to this tome.

His name is Brandon Smith and he has given me through the newsletter some good financial advice, not so good, mind you I, that can write this from a hideaway that the communists can’t find, but good enough. He predicted without qualification that Donald Trump would be the next POTUS.

He based this on the premise that the ever-present force behind global events, Global Oligarchy. A group of ‘Powers that Be’ that influence world events, from the rise of Hitler and then Communism to the Fall of the West. That they had stacked the cards for Trump because they needed a fall guy from the Conservative side of the ledger to take the blame for the collapse of the American economy, to destroy the Spirit of 1776 for a thousand years. So Freedom and independence could be leveraged against itself and a managed populace and Orwellian style society could seem like a preferable outcome to the evils of the, racist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Semite grandfather of Jewish grandchildren and his conservative allies could be vilified forevermore.

Now Brandon predicts many financial collapses that don’t happen but when Trump became president-elect on November 4 2015 he seemed like the Nostradamus of the modern age to me and it spurred me to do some research into the Globalists. It turns out there is a very well documented loose confederation of globalist theories and rumors, conspiracies and inuendo mostly starting around The Knights Templars and Hospitallers that when they returned from the Crusades the began a generational plan to organize the Church and state to achieve common goals. I don’t know any more about that than conjecture but The Illuminati have a well-documented history from a connection with the 18th century Freemasons to contemporary pop culture they have left a trail. Johann Adam Weishaupt: The Founder of the Illuminati

There is also Skull and Bones the Secret Society most recently brought into the light with George W Bush.

I have more I’d like to say on all of these subjects but I feel if I make this article too long people would lose interest before you got to the good part

Some other subjects of interest but I have run out of words.

China is challenging America on all fronts but they don’t allow dissention in their society. The Chinese, by the way, are growing their economy without climate activists to point out that they create more pollution, CO2, coal particulates not to mention fly ash (the remaining solids from burning coal) 18% of global solid waste, but it is water pollution that is their biggest problem it is strange that our politicians and young people see China and the CCP as being a better global leader than the US.

Election integrity – Phil Kline Amistad project Several folks saying mistakes and misses… not… on purpose. Zuck Bucks , 7.5 Million in Detroit to significantly expand turnout, private money to buy election. State Sen. Ruth Johnson wants to hold onto election ‘work product’ and has subpoenaed hard drives, laptops, emails. Wisconsin, Michigan and VA illegal election practices, signature verification and missing postmarks numbering in the millions. Local election official ignorant of their duties or complicit, ballot chain of custody 350000 no chain of custody, no Drop boxes. Assume signatures match

Freedom of Speech –  personal,  media

2nd Amendment – why such a push to get rid of it?

Big Tech – too big, done everything to change/influence opinion suppress speech

Space force – China and Russia working on ‘killer satellites’ nobody address stopping them but Trump

Trump vs Big Pharma – One of President Trumps biggest boogie men, big Pharma big influence on CDC, WHO Covid drugs

Mitch McConnell wife and Chinese shipping family, Rino’s etc working against America

And the civil rights movement was anathema to the leftists of the 60’s who wanted to tear down and destroy America, not bring her together.

Now we don’t have white supremacy we have a ‘woke’ supremacy.

By: David Gignac

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