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The Pinko Pope and Christendom’s Decline

Much ink has been spilled on the topic of young Westerners, especially Americans, leaving the church. The US of A is no longer a majority-Christian nation. The once-great states of Europe long ago collapsed into the stagnant, degenerate gray that is cultural secularization.

But the collapse of the Cross isn’t a problem wholly confined to the West. Christians in the Middle East have been slaughtered, largely thanks to Bush and Cheney’s invasion of Iraq. The cross survives in Africa, but only because the Kalashkinov has proven itself a suitable defense against the scimitar of Islam. China’s fake Christians survive, for now, but are largely irrelevant thanks to the Vatican’s deal with Red China.

South America remains Christian, thank God. However, the Pinko Pope it sent to the Vatican is hardly a good sign.

With the exception of South America, what’s happening? Why is the True Faith fading?

Because it’s no longer inspiring for those that want to actually be faithful, as most recently shown by the Pinko Pope meeting with America’s abortion pusher.

There have been times when Christianity actually stood for something.

Most obviously among those times are the early centuries of the church, when the apostles and their descendants preached the good news to the subjects of the Eternal City, often at great cost to themselves. Despite being burned as Nero’s churches, fed to the lions, or crucified like their Savior, they continued to preach the Gospel and expand the faith. The cross stood for something, the true word of God, so God’s sheep flocked to it.

During the 1100s, men like Robert Guiscard, the Knights of St. John, the Templars, and the Castilians stood up to the scimitar of Islam and reclaimed Christian lands. They knelt to the cross and expanded the faith, if in bloody fashion. But the cross was inspiring, so God’s sheep flocked to it. Thanks to Charlemagne, Guiscard, and the Reconquista, Europe remained Christian and pushed the crescent moon of Islam back to North Africa and the Levant; the blood-stained cross saved the West and men fell on their knees before God as a result.

Then there were the wars of religion, culminating in the Thirty Years’ War. Protestant or Catholic, both sides of the cross believed in something and the faith remained strong. The pews were filled and God’s sheep heard the good news, whether it came from a Protestant or Catholic mattered not, for their souls were saved.

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And then the cross came to America. First, the conquistadors spread it at the point of the sword, as they had recently done in all of Spain, when men like El Cid freed it from the Saracens. Say what you will about their tactics, but all of the New World south of the Rio Grande remains ~90% Christian. It worked; the cross stood for something (and was certainly better than the blood-soaked temples of the natives, despite what SJWs now say), so a new continent of God’s Sheep flocked to it.

Next came the Great Awakenings of North America, where Protestantism revived the faith and temporarily arrested creeping secularization. Once again, the all-important nature of the cross was remembered and God’s sheep filled his pews. Fearful of fiery hell, they bent the knee to God alone and prayed fervently for salvation.

Finally came the revival of the Cold War. With Christendom standing against the atheist, Red Menace, America’s Christians rallied under Billy Graham, spreading the good news throughout America, temporarily halting secularization, and bringing many more into the folds of the faith. Meanwhile, in the Holy See, Pope John Paul II stood against the Red Menace and worked with Reagan to end the Evil Empire. Once again, Christianity was inspiring because it stood for something, and won as a result.

Since then, most of Christendom has collapsed in a way that the Ottomans and Saracens could only have dreamed of.

Europe’s churches rot. Mesopotamia’s were destroyed when America overthrew Saddam, their protector, and handed the region to Islamists. America’s lie empty, starved for funds and parishioners. China’s are theoretically growing, but the Pinko Pope continues to let the CCP choose China’s bishops; letting sworn enemies of the Cross choose the Lord’s representatives is hardly a recipe for success. Africa’s churches remain full, but only so long as lead holds back the Islamist wolves. South America’s also remain full, but it remains to be seen for how long.

So what happened?

Christianity went down the path of wokeness and, as a result, is no longer inspiring.

Take gay rights. The Bible roundly condemns homosexuality and makes it clear that such a lifestyle is impermissible. Sodom was burned to the ground, after all… And what does the modern church do? It hangs rainbow flags out the window. It bowed to wokeness, and in so doing lost all legitimacy.

Who would listen to a preacher that chooses to accede to the demands of a soyboy over the commands of God? Either the religion or its representative is fake at that point, and neither makes you want to go to church. Lies don’t act like a magnet for the faithful, especially considering that they’re a sin. Oh, and Francis, going against all of Catholicism’s history, is “making space for” gays in the church.

Or take abortion. Those churches that remain full have condemned it roundly, choosing to take a stand against infanticide rather than bend the knee. They’re hated, but doing well. Most, however, refuse to condemn those that murder infants or pay for their infants to be murdered. Those weak churches might have earned a pass, for now, from the woke, but they echo when one walks among the pews; cancel culture might not kill them, but a lack of funds and parishioners will. Oh, and Francis, the Pinko Pope, has enlisted Nancy Pelosi, one of the biggest abortion pushers in the US, as a helper.

And on pretty much every other culture war issue, the church has chosen to bend the knee rather than stand up for the Cross. No longer do Christians sing hymns like “Onward Christian Soldiers” on Sundays. Now they listen to drums bang as some midwit pastor prattles on about feel good christianity (intentionally kept lower case; such fluff doesn’t deserve respect in the same way as the True Faith of our forefathers).

Far from the religion of Urban II or George Whitefield, a religion of true belief, fear of hellfire, and faith in the Lord God, modern “Christianity,” if it can even be called that, much more is about “feeling good” and “being nice.”

Sorry, but the Christian fleet at Lepanto, the Maltese Knights, and the other Armies of the Cross were never “nice;” Robert Guiscard’s mausoleum epitaph reads “Here lies Guiscard, terror of the world.” But such men did have real faith and brought millions to the cross, far more than can be said of the weak, “feel good Christianity” types.

And that was inspiring in a way that modern Christianity is not. People will rally to and put their faith in something that men are willing to die for. They won’t give a dime, much less their efforts, to something whose preachers hedge their language about so as not to offend its worst enemies.

Worst among those hedgers is Pope Francis, the Pinko Pope. Well, except that he doesn’t hedge like the feeble-minded youth pastor that says Christianity is all about being “kind” and refuses to condemn abortion on that basis.

No, Francis openly accepts the Enemy into the fold. He’s made deal with the atheists in China, godless automatons that torture and murder the faithful every year. He rejects millennia of church teachings on abortion and gays. And, worst of all, he is a communist, or at least a “fellow traveler.” He subscribes to an ideology that openly rejects God. Such a lack of faith, if not an open rejection of it, is hardly likely to inspire God’s sheep to follow the cross.

If Christians want to spread their faith, they must recover the faith their fathers knew. One that condemns rather than accommodates sin. One that fights evil rather than fights for it. One that rejects decadence rather than flies its banners from the windows.

Did the early Christians accept Rome’s decadence? No! They condemned it. Did the Christians of the Crusader Era bow to the scimitar of Islam? No, they parried it and struck back! Did the Christians of the Cold War bow to the Red Menace! No, they fought it with everything they had and won.

A true Christian cannot be a degenerate or a communist. A true Christian must bow to the cross and believe in the Holy Word. Christianity will continue to falter unless we bring back the real Faith and reject modern, woke, “christianity.”

The first step on that path must be rejecting the Pinko Pope. Whether you’re a Catholic or Protestant, you must stand against the Red representative to the Holy See.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.