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Ted Cruz: Pick Somewhere Else. “Pick Any Flag You Like”

Ted Cruz, in this tweet, said what we’re all thinking. The America haters have no duty to be here. They can pick somewhere else and should be told to “pick any flag you like.” But we’re not going to ruin our country to appease them.

The CRT-obsessed left, focused as it is on such perfidious idiocy as getting rid of the flag and national anthem while also attacking America’s history, has no right to destroy this great nation and there is no place for their anti-American ideology in it. There are dozens of other countries out there, 194, to be exact, that might be more conducive to their values.

Want social democracy? Go to Canada, France, Germany, or the Baltics. Want socialism? Have fun in Venezuela or Cuba. Want to experience communism? North Korea and China still exist. Want race-based politics? Have a great time in Zimbabwe or South Africa.

But that’s not what America is. We’re not a socialist nation. We’re not a communist nation. We don’t censor speech, don’t restrict ownership of guns, and don’t overly regulate commerce. Other countries are free to and leftists can emigrate to them, but we’re not gonna do that here.

There’s no reason that people who hate life in America so much have to stay here. They’re free to leave and, if they want to “radically transform” our great nation, they should be told to. Ted Cruz is, as usual, spot-on in his take.

By: Gen Z Conservative.


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