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The Cellphone that Won’t Spy On or Censor You

Remember how annoying, not to mention immoral, it was when Apple and Google both banned Parler? Yes, that was a devastating blow to free speech and should be remembered as such, but it was also a prime example to consumers of what the Big Tech tyrants are really up to; they want power over society and will do anything to get it, including restraining the ability of their customers to use what ancillary products they might desire.

That means that, in the future, they could kick off any app that gets in their way. Signal, Reddit, and other alternative messaging or social media apps could soon be gone, tossed into the censorship trash bin by the Tech Tyrants. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to have a phone with normal apps like Facebook, but also banned apps like Parler and Gab?

Switching topics for a minute, have you ever looked up something and, shortly afterward, been served an ad for that product or a similar one on Facebook, Instagram, or Google?

Here’s a personal anecdote: One time, I was having a discussion with a few friends about a peculiar spot off the coast of the UK called “SeaLand,” the owners of which claim it’s an independent country. The topic was new to me, so I hadn’t ever looked it up before. After the conversation was over, I opened up Instagram. Guess what ad was the first one to appear…an ad for a SeaLand certificate of some sort!

Perhaps that was a coincidence. Perhaps the tech companies haven’t gone full Big Brother and started spying on us by listening in…or, more likely, that’s exactly what your iPhone or Android with a Google-developed iOS is doing. The Tech Tyrants make their money off data, why wouldn’t they spy on your voice as well as your location and searches?

As with the app situation mentioned above, wouldn’t it be great if there were a solution? As I mentioned in my article on boycotting Big Tech, up until now, every phone has run on an Apple or Google iOS, so escaping Orwellian spying and censorship is just about impossible.

Luckily, that has finally changed. My friends at Conservative Economy, the conservative alternative to Amazon, introduced me to a company called Clear. Clear Cellular is a company founded on the premise that consumers should be able to use what applications they desire and shouldn’t be spied on whenever they use their personal devices.

Even better, since the phones were released, they’ve grown rapidly in popularity. You can read their eye-popping statistics about how many people are already using their phones here.

Plus, thanks to the way the US cellular network works, Clear phones run off of the normal cell towers, so if you switch you won’t need to worry about bad coverage or never getting a signal. You’ll have the same great service you do now, the only difference being that your phone isn’t listening to your conversation so that it can sell your data later.

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Also, their phones aren’t old, burner-looking things. In fact, their options are all reasonably priced and look just as good as, if not better than, the average iPhone. Just look at these great options:

Now, I can understand why you might not want to switch yet. I recently got a new phone, so I haven’t. However, from everything I’ve read the phones are terrific and tens of thousands of people are already switching over, escaping tech tyranny and reclaiming a sense of ownership over their technology. I will when my current phone wears out, you should do so too as soon as it’s convenient.

As long as we keep using phones with Google or Apple software (which every non-Clear phone uses), the Tech Tyrants will keep spying on us and using information gleaned from that spying to advance a leftist agenda. They’ll sell it and use the proceeds to fund leftist causes and manipulate algorithms that rely on your data to push Democrat candidates.

But, if we start switching away from Google and Apple and toward Clear, then their power will diminish. They won’t earn as much money, won’t have as effective algorithms, and, most importantly, won’t be able to censor us like they have in the past. Order a ClearPhone to protect your rights!

Order one by clicking here!

Note: Thanks to my relationship with Conservative Economy, I am also a partner with Clear and may earn a small commission if you order a phone. However, that relationship did not in any way affect my judgment in writing this article. I was inspired by the story and intent behind the product and wanted to showcase it to fellow patriots. If you want to become a partner with Clear too, you can do so here.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook


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