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Petty Tyrants Love Coronavirus


The Chinese flu and China’s lies about it have not only killed many people, but have also killed the American economy and shown us the terrifying fact that our many petty tyrants love Coronavirus. Because our politicians, especially the governors in blue states, are so risk-averse, they’ve shut down everything, and now businesses are failing every day. That needs to be corrected; America must reopen immediately and unleash the free market. Dying from a disease is scary, yes, but a government-caused depression is even worse, especially since it will unleash yet more petty tyrants.

That’s why I was a huge fan of a recent Federalist article entitled “The Coronavirus is exposing little tyrants all over the country,” which was written by John Davidson. Few other articles do such a great job summarizing just why the government’s no-holds-barred response to fighting the Chinese flu by destroying the economy is both anti-American and shows that petty tyrants love Coronavirus.

Summary of Why Petty Tyrants Love Coronavirus

First, Davidson notes how the fact that petty tyrants love Coronavirus has been exposed by their heavy-handed and unneccessary reactions to the disease:

“We’ve now witnessed local and state governments issue decrees about what people can and cannot buy in stores, arrest parents playing with their children in public parks, yank people off public buses at random, remove basketball rims along with private property, ticket churchgoers, and in one case try—and fail—to chase down a lone runner on an empty beach.

From: The Coronavirus…

Next, Davidson describes how those same Democrat-elected, petty tyrants have used the Chinese flu pandemic as an excuse to attack Christianity, further showing that petty tyrants love Coronavirus:

“[This governor’s] order would have barred Christians from driving to their church parking lots and sitting in their vehicles for Easter services—all while maintaining proper social distancing—while imposing no such restrictions on drive-up and drive-through restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, or parking lots generally.”

From: The Coronavirus…

Next, Davidson notes that the non-corrupt members of the DOJ have recognized the terrible fact that petty tyrants love tyranny and are looking into ways to take legal action to defend the rights of common Americans.

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Finally, after describing the horrible governor Whitmer of Michigan, Davidson tells readers that we need to remind governors of the limits of their power and show that we know that petty tyrants love Coronavirus.

Analysis of Why Petty Tyrants Love Coronavirus

Petty tyrants love Coronavirus because it allows them to take full advantage of their perceived powers. They can shut down businesses at will, stifle religious services, and harass Americans that simply want to exercise their rights to life, liberty, and property.

Of course, those powers are made up. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the Federal government power over so much of the economy and nowhere in state constitutions are governors given the power to utterly decimate their own economies for no reason. Thinking otherwise is simply absurd. However, many Americans have not read books such as Restoring the Lost Constitution and thus do not understand that many of the government’s “powers” are not Constitutional, but are rather just made up. Thank goodness that people like Davidson are willing to write about that and spread their opinions on it to young conservatives.

Yet few Americans seem to understand that. They don’t get that petty tyrants love Coronavirus because it is an opportunity to expand their already bloated powers.

Blue state governors, like Wesley Mouch in Atlas Shrugged, are continually crying out for more power despite the fact that their previous policies have failed. Americans need to learn that those politicians aren’t trying to help, they’re just trying to get the feeling of importance that comes with more power. They enjoy the feeling that comes with compelling Americans to act a certain way and thus love the Covid crisis because it allows them to act on that impulse towards compulsion. That’s the truth; petty tyrants love Coronavirus.


Americans must discover the truth about this crisis; it has been amplified to the point it is only because the media wants more viewers and petty tyrants love Coronavirus because it means they get to expand their powers.

On the other hand, many red-state governors are doing everything in their power to keep their economies alive. Just check out my article on “the tale of two states.” Florida, like Georgia, has done everything possible to remain economically alive, whereas New York has handled everything poorly and is still killing its economy. Yet who does the media praise? New York. That shows media bias and needs to be called out, especially by the many young conservatives that exist.

Petty tyrants love Coronavirus. That’s a fact. But Americans can fight back by demanding that the Big Government response to the Chinese flu end so that their liberty is restored. Otherwise, both liberty and the American economy will die. All because petty tyrants love Coronavirus.

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