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Pepe Le Pew and America’s Cancel Culture Vortex

Well, the Left Canceled Pepe Le Pew. That Should Solve Things

George Orwell never gave us the steps it took to go from being the freest country in history to becoming Oceania, but Woke Culture is filling in the details.  I heard today that the cartoon character Pepe Le Pew is a no-good very bad rapist. The cute, overly affectionate cartoon skunk with his inordinate supply of male hormones and the ‘French Casanova’ come-on lines is being canceled by the cancel culture Red Guard.

NYT columnist Charles M. Blow has looked into his soy boy crystal ball and proclaimed that asking a girl to come away with him to the Casbah is a ‘rape charge’ offense. Much like Brett Kavanaugh being in the same city somewhere close to the same space in time with a ‘victim’ from three decades earlier should get him banished from society.

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I wish Charles M. Blow and the rest of these woke vigilantes would just come out and admit they want to tear down western culture, but that would necessitate letting people know that they can’t make their arguments work. That trying to make your point by shutting out any words, and therefore thoughts, that don’t fit the narrative handed down from Woketopia is verboten and must be expunged from current discussions, memory-holed, so no one can disagree with the woke proclamations.

It is dishonest and it is chickenshit. But it is the only way these unlettered pretenders can make their arguments prevail. Their only workable tactic is cancellation and censorship; to them, compulsion is the go-to solution, not convincing someone.

I am not a man of letters, in fact, I quit school to pursue a business opportunity and I have always thought that may have been the best luck I’ve had. While the businesses I started and ran over the years were only moderately successful, I avoided university education which was then just starting down the pro-socialist path where you learn stuff but know nothing.

Pepe Le Pew is a good example. Pepe was obnoxious and sort of rude but even a 4th or 5th grader knew it was a caricature and not a role model. I don’t know if school these days teach you to follow every cartoon character down every rabbit hole, thank goodness these kids don’t have spy vs spy to emulate, but kids in the 50s and 60s knew more of the things that were important like reading, writing, and common sense. Or maybe it is the over-educated like Charles M. Blow who need to be reeducated with courses in decency and common sense.

By: David Gignac