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BOOM: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down the State’s School Mask Mandate

Yet another court is standing up to the Covid tyrants and for the rule of law, this time in Pennsylvania, where the state’s supreme court struck down a state-wide mask mandate for schools.

The court’s ruling found that Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’s mask mandate, instituted by a bureaucrat named Alison Beam, was invalid because the governor lacked the authority to impose such a mandate under state law. According to ABC:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Friday that Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam’s school mask mandate does not pass constitutional muster.

That decision affirmed the ruling of the lower court, which found both that there was no authority for the mandate and that any decisions were best left to schools.

However, while the ruling certainly was a victory in that it limited the governor’s power, it doesn’t mean that mask mandates are over with in Pennsylvania. ABC more or less confirmed that, reporting that one local doctor was still strongly in support of forcing kids to mask up:

Dr. Nancy Mimm, a public health expert at Harrisburg University, says she recommends kids still mask, no matter what their district decides.

“I wish I could tell you no, but not right now. I can’t tell you no. They really do need to continue to wear their masks,” Mimm said “I’m just as tired as everybody else about wearing a mask, but it’s really one of the strongest tools we have in our toolbox besides vaccines.”

Rather, the decision of whether to impose them or not will now be left to the state’s schools.

Given that many “educators” are leftists, it’s probably unlikely that the mandates will disappear anytime soon, only this time they’ll be coming from schools rather than the governor’s mansion.

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Further, the decision is coming a bit late, as the mask mandate for school instituted by Ms. Beam went into effect in September.

Still, many Republicans cheered on the legal victory, calling it a win for “choice.” Meanwhile, Wolf’s office had this to say:

“The administration’s top priority from the beginning of this pandemic has been and remains protecting public health and safety, including students and staff, to ensure in-person learning continues. We are awaiting an opinion on the decision, but the outcome is extremely disappointing. That said, the administration recognizes that many school districts want to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff, and we are hopeful they will make appropriate mitigation decisions moving forward.”

So, while it’s likely that schools will still force kids to mask up, at least the governor got a slap on the wrist.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics